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Work in control: Tracking every single step within your project with JIRA

Whether you’re an organization with 10 or 1000 employees, every company needs structure. Because business involves projects and projects involve people. People who work on a project as a team and make decisions. In other words: every project you’re working on is in a continuous state of change. This threatens the efficiency of your business processes. My question to you: Are your employees adapting by their own, or is it time to implement JIRA software?

“It brings structure and quality control into your workflow.”

What’s JIRA?

JIRA is the ultimate software (tool) for tracking every single step within a project that involves several people. It records every action and every step made by a member of the team of the project. Including who, when, where and the actual time spent on the project. And of course the most important: the actual work that has been done. Every change is tracked so whenever team member X logs in, he sees an actual timeline and knows exactly what team member Y has done.


JIRA is not just very useful for team members of a project, but also for traffic managers or project managers who keep an eye on project changes and are fond of status updates. It provides better visibility and prioritizations and it improves productivity and quality by reducing the time spent on coordination and tracking issues. It’s true there already are tools for organizations which cover documenting and monitoring, but JIRA does more. It keeps everything within a project more visible and aligned with business goals, providing more predictability when the project should be completed. And this makes JIRA not just another tracking software which leads to extra administrative work for employees. Even better, without this tool it will be more work for any of the team members to track what is going on in a project.

JIRA provides better visibility and prioritizations and it improves productivity and quality by reducing the time spent on coordination and tracking issues.”

The benefits of JIRA

When using JIRA software, you are speeding up the progress within your work: you can track everything, from the very first brainstorm to the final evaluation of your project. This way you will always be able to see the latest, most recent status of your work or the work of your colleagues. And of course which is the following step you need to take within the project. Obviously, this leads to a better way of monitoring and especially preventing possible problems. All in all: JIRA software brings structure and quality control into your workflow.

Jira is much more. Install it, try it. Once installed, you will ask yourself how project have even functioned earlier without it!

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