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Are you the future of the tech world?

Learn more about our Young Professional career opportunities in the wonderful world of IT and our academy: the Devoteam Futures. Discover how we help you grow with our IT traineeship, which growth paths there are, and what other Young Professionals think about their development.

The IT traineeship is for students or young professionals with a background in IT or business and an interest in technology. During this traineeship you will be trained as a consultant. As a consultant you will work on projects for our top clients in various sectors. The first 3-5 months are fully focused on study and obtaining certifications, after that you will learn in practice from our more experienced consultants on client projects.

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Top clients you will help forward

Which technology path do you want to take? View the different traineeships


This traineeship is all about cloud & automation. Some of the technologies you will learn about: Microsoft Azure, Linux, SQL, Git, Ansible, and more.

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This traineeship is all about building data platforms, improving data quality and gaining insights. You will learn about Python, SQL, Shell, Azure & ElasticSearch, and more.

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This traineeship is all about connecting applications & processes with integration technology. You will learn about networking, data, Azure & SQL, APIs, MuleSoft, and more.

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Java Software Engineering

You will learn code and build applications, work on frontends, backends and databases and create remarkable cloud-native apps. After certifying for Java and Git you’ll dive into all kinds of software development concepts.

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The setup of our IT Traineeships

#1 Premaster

During the premaster you will learn the basics of a set of technologies, depending on the traineeship track you have chosen. You are continuously supported by a mentor and you work together with the other trainees who have faced the same obstacles before.

#2 Challenges

After the premaster you start with the challenges in which you will mainly learn to apply. Here you link different tools and technologies together and create a working whole.

#3 Experience by practice

After completing the challenges you are ready for the real work as a Junior Consultant. We will work on finding a challenging project for you, where you will work together with a more experienced consultant. This does not mean that the learning stops here, because you learn the most in practice and you will see that every IT environment of our customers looks different.

View Robin’s experiences in the DevOps Traineeship at Devoteam

A culture of continuous development

Devoteam Futures

  • You develop and grow in an agile and ambitious company where it is okay to take risks, make mistakes and change plans to achieve transformative solutions.
  • You learn from experts, build relationships and pick up skills that will last your entire professional life.
  • You innovate in an inspiring environment where respect, frankness and passion ensure that you succeed.

Our tech stack Technologies we love to work with

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Curious to find out what career opportunities we have for you?

Of course we also have specific vacancies you can apply for, but we prefer to look at what fits best for you. If you fill in the short form to show your interest in joining our open & ambitious culture, one of our Career Professionals will contact you to see what career opportunity fits your skills and ambitions best.

The process is quite easy. Share a few details about yourself, the topics that interest you, and your LinkedIn profile URL, and that’s it. We will then try to contact you within one work day to plan a short career discovery session. No strings attached.

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