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Sustainability enabled by Digital.
Realise better change in a responsible way. Foster the sustainable digital transformation.

Understand your impact. Adapt the information system to environmental challenges. Leverage digital tools to have more time for action. Build responsible digital services.

Let us help you to translate vision into action throughout Think-Design-Build-Run Sustainable IT.

Your challenges

Measuring and reducing

organisation’s environmental impact


current level of maturity


roadmap for sustainable digital transformation


teams and improving talent attraction


Digital modernization and run efficiency


operational excellence

Sustainable IT: Time for action

Think – Design – Build – Run


What we do. Turn your vision into action.

Understand your footprint and navicage a complex digital landscape to pursue low carbon IT strategy

Sustainable IT Strategy

Set a trajectory for your sustainable transformation to acquire a comprehensive view of the IT footprint, whole fostering a culture of sustainability.

Sustainable IT Foundations

Ensure your infrastructures, data & AI, architecture principles and digital workplace are optimised.

Tooling for Sustainable IT

Save time to prove impact through easily accessible data and relevant sustainable performance indicators


Move on to the next level and create eco-designed resource efficient digital services


Embrace continuous improvement for all IT operations and switch from IT to Business layers

Kick start your Sustainable IT reality.

Choose your starting point

How we do

At Devoteam, we embed Sustainability across our deliveries to customers through 3 major dimensions in order to reach our objective of emitting the least amount of carbon possible:

Carbon Footprint

We have a clear understanding of our staffing carbon footprint and are continuously addressing options for its reduction.

Sustainable IT Skills

We heavily invest in training of our teams on Sustainable IT and set ambitious targets to certify all 10000 employees of Devoteam on Sustainable IT Fundamentals by the end of 2024.

Sustainable IT Patterns

We are committed to apply Sustainable IT patterns on customer project delivery in accordance with the globally recognized Sustainable IT Practices.

If you’d like to know more, you can get in touch with one of our other experts.

Tristan Vuillier
Sustainability Offers Manager

Corporate social responsibility

To lead our sustainability agenda, we created VEEP, our CSR strategy covering 4 main dimensions: Value, Environment, Ethics, People.
Our 3 main ambitions: develop Tech for Better Change, reach Net-Zero by 2030, and engage all our stakeholders in our sustainable strategy.

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We invest big in talent. Join us if you’re passionate about driving sustainability and creating tailor-made solutions with exponential creativity.

Capabilities. Adopting sustainability is only one part of becoming a leading digital company

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