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Creative tech fuels better change. And we are creative technologists

In a world of emerging technologies, we shape performant products and experiences. Turning promising opportunities into powerful realities.

The power of collaboration
and agility

When you put the minds of 1000+ creative technologists together, great things happen. 

Successful, scalable products and experiences are born. In the fastest way, for the right purpose and the right people.  

And that’s where we come in: a fusion of product managers, designers, researchers, developers and data experts who create scalable futures.  

Better, Faster, Stronger
– with cloud

Embracing Cloud modernizes products and services, both from a technological and experience standpoint. It’s the most impactful way to imagine and build tomorrow’s business, fast.

To leverage the true potential of the Cloud, we’ve grown our expertise, our connections to leading global platforms ecosystems and nurtured a mindset of constant exploration.

Success stories Turn promising ideas into powerful realities. Have a look at our success stories.

Creating a sustainable and smart office environment

Achieving a healthy and productive office environment.

Carrefour connects with more customers using Tech for people

Implementing & testing a virtual wine advice assistant with partner Devoteam G Cloud.

Innovation through publishing services: building a scalable web-platform

The challenge With more than 200 years in the business,…

Creating better customer relations through award-winning website

The challenge The Amoreiras Shopping Center which first opened its…

Cloud-native application development improving the quality of care

This care organization in the Netherlands was looking to modernize…

‘Next Level Requirements Training’ process harmonises project activities at Ziggo

Ziggo supplies digital TV, radio, internet and telephony by cable…

Microsoft Windows 8 mobile app for educational purposes

Devoteam’s Topochopper is an educational mobile app for young people…

KPN: Improving safety in the Netherlands through a new dispatch centre application

Devoteam and KPN are currently collaborating on the implementation of…

Devoteam builds smart cloud solution for ICT broker

Devoteam has a wealth of expertise in new development environments…

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