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What’s life like at Devoteam?

At Devoteam, you’ll have perks that will put you in the best position to find success in your career and personal life. Take a look at some of the aspects of life at Devoteam.

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Connect with Amazing People

At Devoteam you will be part of multidisciplinary teams, where you will work alongside like-minded professionals and thought leaders from around the world. 

Our accessible group of elite digital Champions will show you what it’s like to truly influence the world around you. You’ll experience an environment where you can not only learn from the best, but your own value and expertise will be valued and encouraged to grow.

Take a look at some content created by our network of experts and get to know them:


Thrive with Supportive Management

We are proud of our culture of mentorship, respect and continuous feedback that will allow you to learn and grow as much as you can within your role. At Devoteam NL you will experience transparent management, with, for example, a breakfast session each month where we update everyone in the company about the latest developments in management and strategy.

You will always have a supportive line of management with a clear framework for the next steps in your career path. In fact, in a recent employee survey our Management Accessibility got rated with an 8.4 (out of 10!).

In short, at Devoteam you can grow to your full potential with autonomy and guidance when you need it.

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Make a Difference through Impactful Projects

The variety of available projects at Devoteam allows you to challenge yourself and prove how agile you can be. It’s a perfect place for those who don’t enjoy being stuck in a routine and who want to make an impact while building a resume through meaningful, multidisciplinary projects. One of our recent and awesome examples is how we enabled sustainable waste processing company Renewi to waste less energy on day-to-day maintenance of IT or how we set up containerization within an innovative government organization.

You’ll get the opportunity to work alongside our partners (AWS, Google, Microsoft, Salesforce, and ServiceNow) to help advance our vision of how tech for people unlocks the future.

 As a junior consultant I got to work in a Product Owner role within a dynamic scale-up environment. This enabled me to grow incredibly fast.Marit Nieuwboer – DevOps Consultant

To see some examples of projects that other Devoteamers have worked on, look at some of our success stories.

Become the best version of yourself with fast career development

We empower our team members by training them in the latest technologies and coaching them to help them grow and exceed in their field of expertise, ensuring that their professional profile keeps current with the market needs. All of this is built on clearly defined growth paths, making your future easy to grasp.  

Devoteamers are encouraged to identify and propose new areas for business growth, thanks to our intrapreneurship program initiative, Devoteam Spark, which provides funding to some of the best internal ideas.

In addition, we have a Young Professional Traineeship for talents, which we call The Futures, and have so far guided around 40 experts to become consultants. In this traineeship, we guide you to become a full-fledged consultant in 5 months time, after which you get mentored in client projects.

Discover growth stories:

Find your balance with a friendly work life

Devoteam is a human-sized company that respects the necessities of your personal life. In your post at Devoteam, you can enjoy the freedom of having flexible hours with a hybrid work policy. So, you can find the balance of working in one of our state-of-the-art offices in a variety of locations across EMEA and working at home, wherever you live. To facilitate a great work-life balance we have a set of Life Benefits which enable you to, amongst others, work abroad for 4 weeks per year.

At Devoteam, you’ll find the balance of working in one of our state-of-the-art offices or at home, getting the tools that you need to succeed in either case. In your Devoteam community, you’ll be able to nurture your passions and grow friendships with your new teammates by doing fun activities and teambuilding together.

One of my colleagues described it very well: she always feels like she’s coming home, and I feel the same way Anna Falk Jensen – Data & Analytics Consultant

Making a Positive Impact

At Devoteam, we are committed to making a positive impact on the people and the world around us and Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) holds an important part of our corporate strategy.

One of the many opportunities to make a positive impact in Devoteam NL to celebrate your birthday is that we treat you instead of the other way around. On your birthday you can choose to donate to a foundation of your choice. We will pay.

Another example is our involvement as a sponsor of the The Hague CoderDojo to make kids enthusiastic about IT and programming in order to potentially increase their opportunities in life.

We aim to offer our people and the world infinite opportunities, leveraging tech for a positive impact on society. Stanislas and Godefroy de Bentzmann

To discover more, take a look at our CSR page.

What you also get Our Life Benefits

We believe that being tech-savvy exceeds the limits of your job. When the client work stops at the end of the day, tech goes on. That’s why we believe in having life benefits for our colleagues. Next to that, we are continuously looking to improve our benefits to better accommodate your needs. By clicking the button below you will find an overview of our complete benefits package, ranging from mobility to care.

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