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Life Benefits at Devoteam

We believe that being tech-savvy exceeds the limits of your job. When the client work stops at the end of the day, tech goes on.

That’s why we believe in having life benefits for our colleagues. Next to that, we are continuously looking to improve our benefits to better accommodate your needs.

Below you will find an overview of our complete benefits package, ranging from mobility to care.

Let’s have a look

Go anywhere.

At Devoteam you get a flexible mobility package to choose from. We will customize our options to fit your lifestyle & commute. Choose from:

  • A flexible mobility budget: with this budget, you can literally do anything you want, from:
    • Leasing an electric, hybrid, or gasoline car, including fuel card, 30.000 KMs per year, and without any rules for private mileage.
    • Using the budget to get a subscription for public transport or privately leasing an electric bike/scooter.
    • And any other mobility option you can think of.

Good to know: mileage costs for your own car or train costs for commute can be expensed on top of the mobility budget.


Work anywhere.

We don’t believe in 9-5 days at the office. In today’s digital world, you could literally work from anywhere. Sometimes you will be at a client, other times at the Devoteam office to meet your team, and in other cases, you’ll be working from home. Some of our promises:

  • Home office gear: we will support you in setting up your home office to successfully excel in your job. Need a monitor at home? Headset? Office chair? Keyboard? Don’t worry, we’ve got you.
  • Work from anywhere: how does working remotely from a beach or lively city on the other side of the world sound to you? Well, you actually have the opportunity to work from anywhere in the world for 4 weeks per year. Of course, this is all in consultation with your manager and client.

Learn continuously.

As a consultancy company, we are merely the sum of our people. This means that the growth of our people equals the growth of the company. For that we provide the following options:

  • Personal Development Plan: although this feels like hygiene, we believe it is crucial to plan personal and professional development activities and attach goals to them. Together with your manager/lead, you will shape a plan that fits your ambition and contributes to Devoteam’s success. With regular catch-up meetings and reflective moments, your dot on the horizon might change over time but that does not matter. We believe that it is not the end goal, but all the learning that happens in between, which matters the most.
  • Knowledge sharing: learn from your colleagues by remotely joining our Tech Thursday lunch sessions, our Tech Fridays, or our in-person knowledge sharing events (known as KISSes). The KISSes usually involve pizzas and beers too :-). You also get the opportunity to host these sessions and work on your own knowledge sharing skills.
  • Training days: as a consultant, you will get dedicated training days per year to focus on your personal & professional development.
  • Dutch Language course: if you want to learn to speak Dutch, we will arrange and pay your course (virtual or classroom).

Care for you.

At Devoteam, you will get the time and space to take care of yourself and your mental wellbeing. We encourage a healthy work-life balance.

  • 25 vacation days: to relax and take well-deserved time off with friends or family. You also have the opportunity to take your days with you to the next year, or buy extra days.
  • Personal days: on top of the vacation days, we will also give you personal days for events such as marriage, and other personal events. We will accommodate your needs as much as we can.
  • Family expansion leave: next to the 16 weeks of fully-paid maternity leave, we also offer 5 weeks of partner leave with 100% pay.

Care for others.

We harness the power of technology to amplify and scale social impact.

  • Birthday donation: to celebrate your birthday with you, we treat you instead of the other way around. On your birthday you can choose cake, flowers or a donation to a foundation of your choice.
  • Doubling social impact: if you are planning or organizing any charity activity or event, our Devoteam Foundation will double your total impact or donation amount.

Joining from abroad.

If you’re joining us from abroad, we will ensure a smooth integration into the NL society and help you wherever we can.

  • Coming to NL: we will help you with the necessary documentation to work in NL and book flights for you and your family.
  • The first month: we will arrange a hotel for your first month until you find the right house/apartment.
  • Relocation package: Including flight, hotel, relocation fee, visa application and more.

Additional employment conditions.

Here you will find some important benefits surrounding your working conditions & contract terms.

  • Indefinite contract: you will get an indefinite contract from the start, which enables you to confidently plan your future.
  • Hardware: you’ll get a high-quality laptop and phone from us. You can also choose to use your own devices and get a monthly allowance from us.
  • Bonus scheme: depending on your contract, you will be eligible for a yearly bonus that is aligned with your performance.
  • Flexible pension: as an employer, we will contribute an amount to your pension fund each month. By default, there is no own contribution. In the pension portal, you can change the amounts, manage your fund, and change your monthly contributions. All Devoteam pension fund investments are green & sustainable.

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