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Our culture & mindset

For us, culture is more than just a plain text on a page like this – it’s literally in our veins. It’s the energy and mindset you notice when you meet our people and walk into our offices for the first time.

Doing work you love with brilliant people is what it’s all about. We don’t want anything standing in your way. Our organization and teams are built for you to grow & shine.

On this page we explain what drives us all, how we look at the world through our tech-lenses, and how our culture is embedded in our daily operations.

We are Tech Enthusiasts

  • We are a bunch of Tech Enthusiasts with the drive to explore new grounds every day.
  • We are a mix of multidisciplinary teams, focused on strong Tech Partnerships.
  • We are a caring & sharing organization where social activities & knowledge sharing comes naturally.
  • We are a community that is proud of who you are and helps you to become who you want to be.

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Our vision on working in tech The common thread

Our heart beats for tech. Tech is our life, our hobby, our passion and our profession.

Both at work, as on a personal level, tech is the common thread.

When work stops, tech goes on.

We simply enable each other to follow our tech passion and move any mountain that gets in the way.

That’s what makes us Tech Enthusiasts.

Questions about our culture

Yes! In a recent employee satisfaction survey we got an 8.4 (on a scale of 1-10) for this element. Our managers are known to be informal and schedule regular meetings to catch up and give feedback.

No. All our colleagues are valued based on merit and impact. We’re not a factory, but a place of tech creativity.

It is, of course, in some cases different when working on a client project, depending on that particular client’s culture.

Our default answer is no. Of course this depends on what you prefer and what you have discussed with your manager/client.

We will make sure you get the right home office gear so that you can excel wherever you are.

No. In some cases, you will be working in a cool Devoteam hoodie, in other cases you might dress up a bit for an in-person presentation with important client stakeholders. Smart casual is your best bet for most occasions. 

We have an accessible & ambitious culture.

The accessibility is summed up by the helpfulness of our colleagues, the flat organizational structure, and the absence of excessive procedures & processes. This enables us to collaborate fast & easy.

The ambitiousness is displayed by our hunger to grow as a company and as individuals. We challenge each other to step out of our comfort zones in order to develop ourselves.

At Devoteam you will work with a healthy mix of young professionals, medior consultants, and experienced experts. In our offices in The Netherlands we have 27 nationalities, amongst which Turkish, Danish, Indian, Italian, Bosnian, Macedonian, British, Portuguese, South African, Brazilian, Egyptian, and more.

This depends on how much you involve yourself in international initiatives with colleagues from abroad.

Obviously we are one EMEA-wide company, with one dedicated strategy. As Devoteam in NL, we utilize all knowledge and skills from the 18 countries in the Devoteam Group, while keeping freedom at a local level.


  • Treat people the way you want to be treated.
  • Know that your colleague’s time/work is just as valuable as yours.
  • Improve a situation instead of criticizing it.
  • Highlight risks and own up if you’ve made a mistake or if you’re not right for a task.
  • Bring value, new ideas and share knowledge.
  • Be proud of your teams, your work and the value you deliver to the customer.

Next to your client project, we encourage you to take an active role in internal operations and local strategy execution. This could mean focusing on proposition development, knowledge sharing, pre-sales activities, and much more. We will make sure you get the right amount of time for it.

Of course, being a consultancy, your main role is to be a consultant for our clients. This does, however, not mean that you are simply posted somewhere and have no connection with our company at all. If we would do that, we would probably lose you within a year. Why would we want that?


How this culture comes to life in our teams Discover our multidisciplinary & tech-focused teams

At Devoteam, we are fully aligned with our strategic tech partnerships. This means we operate in multidisciplinairy teams in which Engineers, Architects, Developers, Product Owners, and Staff work together as one team to reach a common goal.

Our teams