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#knowledge sharing Inspire colleagues & share your vision

Ready to take on a leadership role in developing propositions? Or become a team lead in one of our practices and possibly grow into the role of practice director? Devoteam CTO Gert Jan van Halem explains why Devoteam is interesting for you as a Senior Consultant.

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#culture Join our open culture

Open, accessible and ambitious are the keywords of our organizational culture. We encourage making mistakes, we strive to do better every day and love to have fun.

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#development We develop together

The growth of our people is our number one priority. At Devoteam you get a personal development plan and a transparent career path. You know exactly what to do to advance to a higher position or to take a turn into a completely different technology field.

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#change A change DNA

Change isn’t just what we help our customers with, it’s also the key ingredient of our DNA. Being part of Devoteam means being part of a dynamic group of people who like to change things to improve.

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Our promises

We develop together. In order to give as much room as possible to growth, we offer a flexible and rapidly changing working atmosphere. Being part of Devoteam means being part of an ambitious team. We want to do better every day than the day before and change where necessary. Your needs and goals are number one. You will become part of an accessible culture where we share knowledge and reward initiative.

Our employer mission

Doing work you love with brilliant people is what it’s all about. We don’t want anything standing in your way. That’s why we provide the tools you need to excel at what you do. Our mindset is positive and focused on collaboration. We respect each other, are honest and sincere and are passionate about what we do. This is reflected in our ambitious and pleasant working atmosphere, which inspires us to new ideas.

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Our people

I really like the concrete and visible benefits of the things I build. A lot of the tasks that I spend my time on as a data engineer are things like cleaning up data and ensuring that data is available when needed. This is something that a lot of organisations already do, but far too often it has to happen manually. This costs many people many hours of boring work each week, such as moving excel-documents or cleaning up data. The things I build allow passionate professionals to spend their time on the things they care about.

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Cas Bezembinder

Senior Data Engineer

Our people

I am proud of all the small and big steps me and my colleagues take every day in order to help our customers digitize their business, innovate and see how all of that has an impact on consumer’s day-to-day life. Next to that, I am proud of the impact I have on Devoteam as an organization through my involvement in MuleSoft Community, Integration Community, Devoteam Ambassadorship and Leadership training.

Join Dajana

Dajana Mitrovic

Senior Consultant & MuleSoft Community Lead

Our people

There is so much to learn in IT. So many problems to solve, systems to understand and I love figuring out how it all comes together in applications. I’m really excited about all the new tools I’m going to learn in the future, solutions I’m going to build, and certifications I’m looking to achieve. But most of all, I feel blessed to wake up every day with a job that energizes me.

Join Caleb als DevOps Engineer

Caleb Munyasya

DevOps Engineer

Our people

In addition, I am proud of the way in which we continuously underline the team spirit, but also continue to pay attention to each individual. This working method, in combination with the knowledge we have in house, also wins the trust of our customers, resulting in beautiful and challenging projects.

Meer over Martijn

Martijn van Veen

Managing Director

Our people

I have a background in Business and before that I had no experience in IT. My greatest achievement is that during the traineeship I pick things up faster than I expected!

Join Marit

Marit Nieuwboer

DevOps Consultant

Where it all happens Our teams

Discover everything about the teams with which we innovate daily for our customers.

Microsoft team

The Microsoft team consists of about 20+ experts with different specialties, from Azure Architects and DevOps Engineers to Cloud Enterprise Architects and Cloud Native Developers.

Integration team

Our Integration team consists of 30+ consultants with MuleSoft & Tibco integration experience, ranging from API Specialists to Integration Architects. These are multidisciplinary people who also know how to work with Java, Azure, and more.

DevOps team

Within Devoteam Netherlands, DevOps & Operations is our largest practice with 80+ consultants who mainly specialize in Microsoft (.NET, Azure DevOps, ARO), Red Hat (OpenShift, Ansible), Kubernetes, Atlassian (Jira, Confluence, etc), Scrum en Agile.

Data team

The Data as a Service (DaaS) practice within Devoteam Netherlands consists of a team of about 25 specialists who are focused on data solutions with Microsoft and monitoring with Elastic.

Sector Public team

The Sector Public team consists of about 40 experts with a high level of sector-specific knowledge and experience. Here you will find interim managers, social domain experts and functional managers.

IT Consulting team

The IT Consulting team consists of about 15 Senior and Principal Consultants who focus on IT Strategy and Business Process Management.

Technologies and partners Our tech stack

What does this mean to you? You get full access to the latest and most innovative tech from these partners. In addition, you will be trained and certified on the basis of these technologies.

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Absorb and share knowledge

We believe that knowledge sharing is one of the most important aspects of consultancy. Our consultants do not simply devise and build solutions, but transfer knowledge to our clients’ teams, so that they too can develop themselves. In order to keep the knowledge level within our organization as high as possible, we also encourage internal knowledge sharing. We develop together and learn from each other. Below you will find a selection of our knowledge: the podcast, the YouTube channel and insights/blogs.

Our podcast “Hoofd in de Cloud”

Learn all about the cloud in this Podcast where we invite guests to discuss interesting discussion points around the cloud. Click here to listen on Spotify.

Watch recorded webinars on YouTube

Our YouTube channel is full of interesting tutorials and recorded webinars, from Kubernetes to APIs, it’s all there. Click here to go to the channel.

Learn from our expert blogs and white papers

From how-to blogs to visionary articles, from tech to business, you’ll find it all in our News & Insights hub. Click here to go to all blogs and white papers.


Curious to find out what career opportunities we have for you?

Of course we also have specific vacancies you can apply for, but we prefer to look at what fits best for you. If you fill in the short form to show your interest in joining our open & ambitious culture, one of our Career Professionals will contact you to see what career opportunity fits your skills and ambitions best.

The process is quite easy. Share a few details about yourself, the topics that interest you, and your LinkedIn profile URL, and that’s it. We will then try to contact you within one work day to plan a short career discovery session. No strings attached.

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