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Salesforce World Tour Amsterdam 2024


Step into the dynamic world of Salesforce through the eyes of our seasoned consultants as they recount their experience at Salesforce World Tour Amsterdam 2024. Join us as we reflect on the latest trends, valuable insights, and memorable experiences from this dynamic event.

Our general takeaways of Salesforce World Tour Amsterdam 2024

The most important takeaway is the importance of data in every AI strategy, which defines the importance of having integrations in place, so that the AI can always work on relevant and up to date one.

It has been said during the entire event, the most important thing to make AI impactful in your business is the data that you provide to the AI. The better the quality of information for AI, the better the response.

Our favourite talks we attended

The keynote “Why Salesforce is the Future of Data and AI Today” by Reinier van Leuken was about the general strategy Salesforce will adopt for the future. The keynote mainly emphasized the significance of AI tools and underlined how missing out on AI now will lead to a lot of businesses being left behind. They showed a graph made by Gartner, illustrating how the excitement for AI is going to decline in the following months and years, due to the low success rate they are having right now. However, giving up on it will push businesses down.

Furthermore, the keynote highlighted the centrality of data in crafting a successful AI strategy. Only using ‘public’ data will not generate the AI capabilities a business needs. Instead, being able to give the AI the correct data at the right time is fundamental in a successful AI strategy and implementation.

In the upcoming decade, companies need to prioritize training their employees in AI skills. AI is a game changer for the future, so we need to start developing people skills to effectively work with AI tools. This will ultimately lead to better productivity in the future.

Moreover, companies need to start investing in AI, targeting areas that can provide a competitive edge for the company rather than duplicating existing AI technologies.

A masterclass we liked and learned from

The main focus of the day was AI, so most of the masterclasses focused on that. I liked how the mission of Salesforce was not to sell their AI models. Instead, they aimed to promote a SaaS platform where AI will be easy to use, giving companies the freedom to attach their preferred models, whether self-built, ChatGPT4 or provided by Salesforce.

During the event, they showed the prompt command defined within the Salesforce environment, designed to help in everyday tasks (illustrated with a demo of an e-commerce platform that has to look for a particular order in the system). They also introduced Einstein Copilot, which will help Salesforce Admin and Developers in building their Salesforce infrastructure.

The hypothesis made in this masterclass was that the AI had the correct data to properly function. Here it was shown the importance to have an integration layer that will help perform all the tasks the AI has to do. In particular, it was shown that companies can ideally build an integration platform on their own, but that will require a lot of time to build and won’t create any business value for a company. That is where Mulesoft can come to help.

Of particular interest was the presentation performed by explaining how they are leveraging MuleSoft in their HR department, in order to transform their organization into a skill-based one with the help of AI tools.

They demonstrated how to use the Salesforce platform to easily ingest data from multiple sources and harmonize it. I appreciated that they presented a real-case scenario, where a warehouse uploaded files to Amazon S3 containing descriptions of items that were returned due to unreadable addresses or delivery issues. They successfully ingested this data into Salesforce, and when a customer contacted them, Einstein was able to match the customer’s complaint with an item in the lost list uploaded by the warehouse team with just a few clicks. While not fully automated, it enhances customer service productivity and enables quicker customer responses.

Discover a holistic approach to the Salesforce platform, that brings continuous value – to your business and your customers.

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