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Become a full-fledged junior Java Developer in 21 weeks

As a Java Software Engineering Trainee you will learn code and build applications, work on frontends, backends and databases and create remarkable cloud-native apps. After certifying for Java and Git you’ll dive into all kinds of software development concepts.

Are you eager to make a difference at customers such as RTL,, Vodafone Ziggo and Rabobank? Have you just graduated and are you super motivated to kick off your career as an IT professional? We’ve got just the thing for you!

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What the Java Software Engineering Traineeship is all about

The Java Software Engineering Track is a program that will change your professional career and make you a Java software developer.

  • You study and practice 8 hours per day for 21 weeks, and are hired by us from day 1
  • You’ll get extensive support and mentoring from our best developers
  • You’ll learn and work with the latest and most modern technologies
  • At the end, you’ll put in practice what you learned by working as a Junior Java Developer in our client projects throughout the Netherlands
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In the first 13 weeks you’ll learn

  1. Introduction to computer science
  2. Introduction to Programming Logic with Java
  3. Design object oriented algorithms using Java
  4. Version control using Git
  5. Basic database Design
  6. Basic SQL with MySQL
  7. Spring Stack: Boot, Security, Data JPA, MVC
  8. Unit and integration tests using JUnit, Mockito and other support libraries, like AssertJ
  9. Dependency management with Maven
  10. Build robust APIs using dependency injection, REST, exception handling, tests, security, versioning, documentation, monitoring.
  11. Understand containerization and build docker images with jib plugin
  12. Agile Software Development Life Cycle using SCRUM

In the last 8 weeks you’ll practice in a controlled real life environment

  1. Work in a full agile environment using SCRUM and Jira as project management tool. You are going to use all ceremonies we use in real projects: sprint planning, daily stand-up, and sprint retrospective
  2. Create a fully functional microservice using Spring Boot from the requirements available in the user stories. This system is a simplified version of a real life application being used in production all over the world
  3. Design and implement the database for the system
  4. Integrate the API of your microservice and secure your endpoints with Keycloak
  5. Use Spring Boot Cloud Service Discovery to load balance your microservices call
  6. Use Spring Boot Cloud Gateway to secure the entry point of your application
  7. Create pipelines to continuously integrate your software in your version control
  8. Have your code reviewed frequently by experts in the field

When you finish the program, you’ll be a well-trained Junior Java Developer

At this stage you’re capable to:

  1. Be self-sufficient, able to solve problems, propose solutions, and design software by yourself
  2. Code using best practices from the start
  3. Have gained enough experience to succeed the pressure of timed projects
  4. Make architectural and code decisions
  5. Defend the coding and architectural decisions, understand the pros and cons related to other possible choices
  6. Work with an agile environment, project changes, and have your code and decisions challenged by senior colleagues


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Frequently Asked Questions about the Java Software Engineering Traineeship

It is an internal program developed by Devoteam aiming to change, or give, a career in IT to people in the Netherlands. We offer different tracks, DevOps, Data, Integration, and Java Software Engineering, each leading to a different career path.

It is a track developed with a single goal, making you a top-notch Java Junior Developer at the end of it. The track will include not only Java, but other technologies and frameworks that you will need throughout your career.

At the moment, you should be living and allowed to work legally in the Netherlands. We also expect you to be able to travel to customers in the Randstad area at the end of the program.

All the learning materials, meetings, and documents are in English.

Yes. We will hire you from day 1. This program will be training you and we expect you to be able to work on client projects within 5 ~ 6 months.

We look for candidates who are at least at HBO, but this is not a mandatory requirement. If you have some experience with software development, are proactive, a problem solver, hard working, and not afraid of a challenge, we can overlook this requirement.

No. We expect you to completely focus on the program, having to worry about exams, thesis or other types of work that might hinder your performance during the program is not advisable.

Get to know our other trainees

I have a background in Business and before that I had no experience in IT. My greatest achievement is that during the traineeship I pick things up faster than I expected!

Join the Integration Traineeship

Marit Nieuwboer

DevOps Consultant (former trainee)

Get to know our other trainees

There is so much to learn in IT. So many problems to solve, systems to understand and I love figuring out how it all comes together in applications. I’m really excited about all the new tools I’m going to learn in the future, solutions I’m going to build, and certifications I’m looking to achieve. But most of all, I feel blessed to wake up every day with a job that energizes me.

Join the Integration Traineeship

Caleb Munyasya

DevOps Engineer (former trainee)

Get to know our other trainees

During the program, the daily standups were very useful. The standups assured us that we were not alone with particular problems or issues and that there was always a helping hand. Luckily, I was given the best wingman in the company: Bart Prikker. I would recommend this traineeship program to everyone who is interested in Data, DevOps, Integration, or Software Engineering.

Join the Integration Traineeship

Balazs Hoffmann

Data Consultant (former trainee)

Apply for our Java Software Engineering Traineeship Ready to kickstart your IT career?

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Meet the mentors

William Suane

Lead Java Consultant

Jens Bus

Sr. Fullstack Developer

Ayush Bisht

Java Developer

Hamed Rahmanimanesh

Java Developer

The perks of working at Devoteam.

Flat organizationNo unnecessary procedures, processes and hierarchy

High level of knowledgeLearn from your colleagues through knowledge sessions, meetups and demos

Continuous developmentWe invest heavily in learning & development initiatives that help you grow

Diverse group of peopleCollaborate with colleagues from South Africa, Italy, United Kingdom, Egypt, Sweden, Germany, China, Serbia, etc

Curious to find out what career opportunities we have for you?

Of course we also have specific vacancies you can apply for, but we prefer to look at what fits best for you. If you fill in the short form to show your interest in joining our open & ambitious culture, one of our Career Professionals will contact you to see what career opportunity fits your skills and ambitions best.

The process is quite easy. Share a few details about yourself, the topics that interest you, and your LinkedIn profile URL, and that’s it. We will then try to contact you within one work day to plan a short career discovery session. No strings attached.

Share your interest

People at Devoteam Meet (y)our colleagues.


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