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Niels Deen: “The DevOps traineeship gave my IT career a perfect kickstart”

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My name is Niels and I am from the Netherlands. I have a background in Physics and Financial Econometrics and have always been interested in programming, solving complex problems and new technologies. After exploring the academic world, I believed it was time to start looking for a more dynamic environment. A good friend of mine told me about Devoteam and before I knew it I was a Future, ready to get started with the DevOps Traineeship. If you don’t have any experience in IT but are eager to learn, this is the perfect kickstart!

What is your role at Devoteam?

I am a Cloud Consultant. Besides my role, I’m also involved in other activities, such as some internal projects and the organization of unit events, which is always great to be a part of.

The first months at Devoteam – what was your experience?

During the DevOps traineeship, I learned all the basics that I needed to know and it gave me a boost. For 4 months, I had the chance to learn fundamental concepts, such as working with tools like Git, but also provizioning cloud resources using Infrastructure as Code and setting up a complete monitoring stack on my own. Devoteam partnered me up with a Wingman (a more Senior Consultant in the same field), who guided me by giving constructive feedback, and being the person that I could always reach out to when I had questions. Sessions with fellow Futures were also organized regularly. This was the perfect place to share our struggles and get to know each other. All in all, the traineeship was a nice time where I experienced a lot of freedom, but is also a time where you can show what potential you have.

What are you doing now at Devoteam?

Currently, I am assigned to a large governmental organization where I am part of a Platform Enablement Team. We do a lot of exciting work with Openshift, the new goal platform within that organization. Together with this team, I have played a key role in improving platform security and setting up monitoring solutions. Keeping in mind that this is my first assignment where I started with barely any IT experience, it’s nice that I can look back at the difference we have made there as a team. Besides that, I am also working on various other internal activities.

What is the achievement at Devoteam that you are most proud of?

Although I have not worked at Devoteam for very long, I notice that people around me are acknowledging the work that I do, either at the client or internally. In my opinion this is something that I can be proud of.

What are the most important skills you need for your position?

As a consultant, it is important to be aware of the environment around you, which is always changing. In that way it will be easier to spot open opportunities and create the most value for the project that you are working on. Besides that, I believe you can never have enough technical skills. Not only because you need to be able to implement solutions that you propose, but also to keep a clear overview of what is possible.

When you’re not busy with work, what are you doing in your free time?

Going outside, fitness, padel, kitesurfing, drinking belgian beers. Sometimes a combination of these activities.


Switching to a job in IT was quite a big decision for me, but is something that I do not regret. It is a world that is growing really fast and everything is possible. At Devoteam, this is no different. If you want to do something here that draws your interest, the organization will always be open to help you achieve your ambitions. Think about sponsoring your certifications or letting you get involved in other activities besides your regular role.