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What it’s like in our Microsoft Unit.

Different disciplines with one thing in common: Microsoft enthusiasts. Within the Microsoft Unit work Azure Cloud Consultants, Data Engineers and .NET Software Engineers as well as DevOps Engineers and Enterprise Architects.

Some have years of experience at dozens of organizations, others just finished the Devoteam traineeship. In teams we work on impactful solutions for customers in the retail, telco, media, logistics, energy, financial and public sector.

#dynamic Your activities as a consultant in the Microsoft Unit.

You’re a wizard for our clients.

Of course, providing cutting-edge solutions for the customer is your #1 priority. After all, that’s what you were born to do.

You play a key role in boosting Devoteam’s growth.

You come up with innovative propositions and, together with a few other consultants, ensure that this becomes something valuable for our clients. You see where things can be improved within the unit or with customers, you discuss this together with your team or the unit director, and act to improve.

You keep an eye on the future and share your vision.

You often immerse yourself in IT trends, Gartner reports, etc, and proclaim this vision as a preacher to your colleagues and your network. You are also a thought leader with involvement in blogs, trend reports, webinars, and more.

You do fun things with colleagues.

From a Friday afternoon where you try out a new technology with other consultants (with beer & pizza) to drinks.

Discover what life’s like as a consultant at Devoteam M Cloud.

Examples of projects we work on.

CI/CD pipelines with Azure DevOps.

This government organization had to deal with a complex IT infrastructure: multiple websites and a backend system that is used to retrieve information. Projects and activities had to be assigned more precisely to different teams. We used Microsoft’s Azure DevOps and started automating the software delivery processes by building pipelines; the automated routes to production.

Azure Data Warehouse & Analytics.

One of the larger employment agencies was looking for a solution to turn data into useful information. In addition, a user-friendly way had to be found for data analytics. After the choice to modernize, a cloud-native data architecture was set up and the data solution was built. This organization can now use its data for faster and automated decision-making.

Cloud & Containerization with Azure Red Hat OpenShift.

This marketing organization wanted to be able to set up international campaigns quickly, flexibly and scalable. Preferably at the touch of a button. We have set up the Azure infrastructure for this organization, implemented the Azure Red Hat OpenShift (ARO) platform, and set up the platform management and governance.

Get to know the Microsoft team.

Well-built solution architecture helps teams develop the solution/product on time and on budget and ensures that it solves the problem it was designed to solve. While working as a Cloud Solution Architect, I am helping my customers in solution sketches and solution intent preparation by recommending the right Azure Design patterns, providing insight into cost optimization, suitable azure services, availability patterns, and compliance requirements. I also provide the required support & guidance to improve Azure Capability / Competency of the Teams which will enable them to become self-sufficient in required Azure capabilities.

Gaurav Gupta

Azure Cloud Solution Architect

Get to know the Microsoft team.

I help customers in automating their journey of migration and implementation of applications in a modern way using the public cloud. My role is to advise stakeholders and translate business requirements into secure, scalable, and reliable solutions in Microsoft Azure. As a part of the Microsoft pillar, I also get involved in other projects at Devoteam working on a cloud solution. I find it very interesting as it allows me to exchange knowledge and be updated with practices followed by various projects in the market. Not so boring to work on the same things for a long time, is it?

Leer Anurag kennen

Anurag S. Raut

Lead Cloud & DevOps Consultant – M Cloud Unit

Get to know the Microsoft team.

One minute I’m talking to a Serbian customer about reports and the next I’m brainstorming about the security of the data platform. The client’s organization is an organization with a lot of growth and it is therefore very dynamic.

Lees meer over Vincent

Vincent Schuil

Data Engineer

Doing fun things together.





Your stakeholders within the Microsoft Unit.

Ratko Popovski

Microsoft Unit Director

Ratko is ultimately responsible for the Microsoft Unit. He is continuously working on the growth of the unit and with it each individual consultant.

Stefan van Eijden

Microsoft Business Lead

Stefan is the commercial driver who ensures that we find the most challenging and innovative projects for the Microsoft team.

Discover our (Dutch) podcast “Hoofd in de cloud”

The perks of working at Devoteam.

Flat organizationNo unnecessary procedures, processes and hierarchy

High level of knowledgeLearn from your colleagues through knowledge sessions, meetups and demos

Continuous developmentWe invest heavily in learning & development initiatives that help you grow

Diverse group of peopleCollaborate with colleagues from South Africa, Italy, United Kingdom, Egypt, India, China, Serbia, etc

Curious to find out what career opportunities we have for you?

Of course we also have specific vacancies you can apply for, but we prefer to look at what fits best for you. If you fill in the short form to show your interest in joining our open & ambitious culture, one of our Career Professionals will contact you to see what career opportunity fits your skills and ambitions best.

The process is quite easy. Share a few details about yourself, the topics that interest you, and your LinkedIn profile URL, and that’s it. We will then try to contact you within one work day to plan a short career discovery session. No strings attached.

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