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Ming Yin Ho: Lead Consultant and Tribe Lead within the Atlassian team


I am a native Rotterdammer with a Cantonese-Chinese background. A legendary man in Rotterdam once said, “kein geloel, spielen!” and with this quote, I somewhat reveal what I stand for and what I love.

At the beginning of last year, I was approached through LinkedIn by Masoud Djonbesh, and I thought, “I’m definitely not going to do it, but hey… let’s see what he has to offer.” However, after several conversations, I joined Devoteam in May 2022.

During my time there, I had the opportunity to fulfill various roles, from web developer, analyst and designer to team lead and project manager. After many years of working as a project manager and scrum master, I was given the chance to focus entirely on Jira and Confluence, and I’m really enjoying the role of a specialist. Moreover, my previous experiences come in handy in my daily work, as I now create things for people who are in the same positions I used to be in.

What is your role at Devoteam?

At Devoteam, I am a Lead Consultant and Tribe Lead within the Atlassian team in the Innovative Technology pillar.

As a consultant, my main task is to assist various clients in configuring and/or improving their IT processes using Atlassian products, particularly Jira and Confluence. Additionally, I am an authorized trainer and provide official Atlassian training to clients. Furthermore, I support sales in discussions with clients regarding Atlassian-related issues.

The first months at Devoteam – what was your experience?

In the first few months, my focus was on two things. Firstly, assisting sales with all leads related to Atlassian. Of course, I also had to get to know our team. Everyone was incredibly helpful and their level of knowledge in Atlassian was quite high. Additionally, I worked on setting up the Atlassian suite for internal use (our Atlassian team) to ensure that we make optimal use of the products we implement for clients.

What are you doing now at Devoteam?

My time consists of providing consultancy to various existing and new clients, interspersed with sales support and delivering official Atlassian training and workshops. Consultancy with clients is a broad term. Sometimes it simply involves configuring desired functionalities in Jira or Confluence, but often it also entails guiding the client and their organization in using the tools.

Merely owning a tool rarely solves a problem, even if you know how to use it well. This is, however, a good first step. A tool supports work processes and we also assist clients in improving and refining their work processes, allowing them to fully benefit from the tool’s functionalities.

What is the achievement at Devoteam that you are most proud of?

After joining the company, we became an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner and obtained the ITSM specialization and Cloud specialization.

Furthermore, we became an Authorized Training Partner, allowing us to provide official Atlassian training. We immediately reaped the benefits of this by assisting multiple organizations with official Atlassian training.

We have established a stronger presence as an Atlassian Solution Partner in the Netherlands, making us easily accessible for Atlassian-related inquiries.

What are the most important skills you need for your position?

For my role, knowledge and experience in agile methodologies (Kanban and Scrum), service management and portfolio management (SAFe) are important. With these, you understand the needs and challenges of our clients. Solid knowledge of Atlassian products is also essential, although you can acquire this knowledge gradually.

When you’re not working, what are you doing in your free time?

I love playing (indoor) soccer, cooking (barbecuing), dining out, traveling, and watching movies and series.

Wrapping it up

I was absolutely not looking for a job, but Devoteam turned out to be an interesting employer and offered me a great opportunity to further develop as a professional. I was given the chance to play a decisive role in a young and new team. Moreover, Devoteam is a large international organization that offers various job roles in different technologies and disciplines.

If you’re also curious about your possibilities at Devoteam, start a conversation and who knows, you might take a great step, just like I did.