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Spotfire 7.6 is here: TIBCO WOW!

At the TIBCO NOW conference in Las Vegas, in the week of 16 – 19 May, TIBCO released version 7.6 of Spotfire. A load of things has been changed and added, and it all makes Spotfire an even better experience!


To start off with, TIBCO introduced some new visualizations. The waterfall chart is something many of us have been waiting on. It is a chart often used in the financial arena, where we can make the changes over a period visible. What changed the value from month 1 to month 2? How do the proceeds relate to the margin?

Another exciting visual comes from the Spotfire Metrics app, and is now available in Spotfire. This visual is specifically interesting to create proper dashboards for mobile solutions, but also looks stunning in a desktop environment.

More enhancements have been made to e.g. the cross tables, a new filter type was introduced, and there were improvements in the box plots.

Data Management

Hopefully a first step towards editable data table properties, at least we now have a visual presentation of the data table structures. It is now possible to see detailed information about operations and preview intermediate resulting data tables after individual steps.

A next great thing is the replacement of linked or embedded data with these ones:

Imagine having an embedded environment, that is fed by a set of Excel sheets. We now can just deploy one version that will not refresh if it cannot be refreshed (e.g. on the web) but will be refreshed as soon as the owner opens it up.

It is now also possible to very easily split columns into two separate ones, with just a mouse click. Of course this was already possible by creating a calculated column, but it is now also available for the less technical people amongst us, all to enable them to really make use of self-service analytics.

Data Connectors

New data connectors have been made available:, Google Analytics, and improvements on several existing connections, like SAP BW. The improvements are mainly support for advanced connection parameters and stored procedures.

Now what?

Interested in starting to use Spotfire or in upgrading your current version? We are available to present all the cool stuff to you! Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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