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How to make a Spotfire Accordion in 3 easy steps!

What is an Accordion?

A Spotfire Accordion is a vertically stacked list of items, which is often used in a menu or navigational bar. An accordion contains multiple items which can be expanded and collapsed to show or hide the subitems. As you can imagine, the term accordion originates from the musical instrument “accordion” which allows a musician to expand the bellows of the instrument.

When do you use a Spotfire Accordion

An Accordion is most often used group or categorise a list of items in a more convenient way for the user or to reduce the information overload for users/readers. But the accordion is also used as a way to create shortcuts or to fit more information on one screen by hiding parts of it in an accordion.

The Accordion in Spotfire

Spotfire uses the Accordion within the filtering panel to show or hide filters from a certain data table. However, Spotfire does not have a native way of creating your own Accordion in a text area. Nevertheless, it is possible to create a accordion using the HTML and Javascript functionalities of the text area.

How to make a Spotfire Accordion in 3 simple steps

Creating an Accordion in Spotfire takes 3 simple steps:

Step 1: add a text area

The first step in creating an Accordion is adding a text area, as Spotfire limits the use of JavaScript and HTML to text areas.

Step 2: inserting JavaScript code

After adding a text area you can richtclick the text area and select the HTML editor. Click on insert JavaScript code. you will get a pop-up window where you can enter the following code and give the script a name:

$( “#accordion” ).accordion({
     heightStyle: ‘content’}

after adding this script you will see a Spotfire controller on the right side of the HTML editor.

Step 3: adding the Accordion

In this step we will use an example for a region selection. You can copy and past the below HTML code in order to create the accordion.

<div id="accordion" >
                 <HR>This is an example of an accordion used in a region 
selection or region navigation area
                 <HR>The Netherlands
                 <HR>United Kingdom
                       <HR>This is an example of an accordion used in a region 
selection or region navigation area
                       <HR>This is an example of an accordion used in a region 
selection or region navigation area

This Accordion will have three items: Europe, North-America, and Asia. Each of these three items has 3 subitems and is divided by a line. below are two images of the final result.


(Header image: Photo by Christof Stache/AFP/Getty)

Attention: Spotfire X and higher

As of Spotfire X, TIBCO has “deprecated” (between quotes, as this has never officially been supported) the jQueryUI Javascript library (as e.g. mentioned in these release notes).

However, they have published this community page that documents what to do instead. Here you will find a complete DXP with all the scripts in it you need to create your own accordion.

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