DevOps and Culture

Culture is not something you implement; it is the natural environment that houses the entire development team. Entire means all the developers, QA, AND operations. In this eco-system of people and tools, the culture is necessary to remove barriers and facilitate collaboration to hit team objectives.

There is nothing fluffy about culture.

Culture plays a major role in the success of the business so getting it right is important. In the case of DevOps, cutting the red tape, reducing waste and breaking down silos are important aspects. Bad culture hinders goal completion and company objectives. We offer DevOps workshops, Agile training and Agile coaching to help you achieve lasting change.

DevOps Workshops

A mutual understanding of DevOps will help you and your organization to better understand the cultural elements that will enable your journey to DevOps. Your active participation in the workshops will enable us to better understand where we can facilitate your organization to optimize results and secure progress. Our DevOps workshops are interactive and can be adopted to optimally suit your needs. Read more.

Agile Training

Training and Certification of our consultants is important to us. We can offer you the same intense, pragmatic, fun and action packed one-day training to become certified as Professional Scrum Master. Besides providing all the knowledge and understanding to be able to successfully pass the PSM I exam it will also secure that your team members have a common understanding of the elements of Scrum and what is needed to make it successful.

Agile Coaching

Our Agile coaches have a rich experience in implementing Agile, Scrum and Kanban into organizations. They are able to support and advice you on your journey to DevOps and can also give DevOps workshops and Agile training. Besides good theoretical knowledge they have ‘lived Agile’ and know what it takes to make it work from their own experience.

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Hans Mollevanger
DevOps Director