Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery brings automation to your delivery process. Automation gives you two important benefits. Speed and quality. And because of that, it is essential in your DevOps journey.


Of course, when you automate a task, the execution will be faster. A lot of time goes into manual tasks to build software, deploy it manually, set up environments, change settings, install an artifact, fine tune the system etc. Just ask any project manager how much time it takes to set up any environment. Automation of tasks like these enables you to build the product on every commit to your version control system. And create any environment with any artifact installed on it with a minimum of effort. And that is really a game changer. Think about it. A lot of tasks in your project are delayed due to waiting. Testing for example is done late in the process because in most of the cases it is expensive to create a good environment to execute tests. When you have changed that, tests can be done at every moment in time. The feedback loop to the developer will decrease enormously and that will make delivery of your product faster as well.


Reducing the time in the feedback loop has a positive affect on quality. The developer will be made aware of any issues in the newly committed code almost instantly. That makes it a lot more easier to fix the issues. And you do not only decrease the time of the feedback loop. You also ensure that tasks are done in the same way over and over again. When tasks are automated you eliminate the risk of manual error. Even the most dedicated person that is really paying attention to all the small details of the task, will sometimes make an error. Automated tasks will be performed in the same way over and over again. There can be an error in it, but once you fix that it will never happen again. So it helps you to get better and better quality and being able to focus on improving the quality of your process instead of the quality of the single task.

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Hans Mollevanger
DevOps Director