DORA: DevOps Research and Assessment

So, you want to improve the performance of your organization. And everyone is talking about DevOps as a way to do that. So you want to see how that can help you and your organization. But everyone is giving you a different advice. There is no lack of “DevOps evangelist” and they all have there own views and convictions.

What if you could have an independent advice based on years of scientific research on the performance of organization, that gives you insight in what the best next step is in your situation at this moment?

Well, that is possible!

It is called DevOps Research Assessment. Industry leaders like Gene Kim, Jez Humble and Nicole Forsgren created an assessment based on scientific research to help you improve your organization.

These are the same people that did the research for the yearly State of DevOps report from Puppetlabs. The data and experience that they gained is now made available in the form of an assessment for your organization.

The DORA assessment will:

  • measure, track and benchmark the most important outcomes for success
  • show you you performance over 24 capabilities
  • identify your priorities
  • and track your progress by reassessing you organization

Devoteam is a reseller of the DevOps Research Assessment. We can help you to do the assessment. But what is more important, help you to implement the change that is needed to grow your capabilities.

Check out the 2019 State of DevOps report



Gert Jan van Halem
Chief Technology Officer
Hans Mollevanger
DevOps Director

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