The Digital‐Native Enterprise: The Red Hat and Devoteam Success Formula

In an age of increasing importance for Digital Transformation, it is now more vital than ever for organisations to progress with their Digital Transformation projects. Those of you who are already going through this process will know that the right chemistry can lead to a successful transformation. But each organization has its own speed, rhythm and style, thus they’re frequently at different stages when it comes to Digital Maturity.

Over the course of a successful transformation project, organizations will aim to achieve a level of technology that can be used to fundamentally improve all aspects of their business, especially digital business optimization and digital business innovation.

But how can both of these objectives of the spectrum be achieved at once? And who is in the leading this project? The CEO? The IT Department? What are the challenges involved? Is transformation all about confidence? Or might you find yourself  stranded on islands of innovation?

This is where Digital Native Enterprise (DNE) comes in!

Want to learn about the three vital values to bring into your company’s periodic table? Download our latest whitepaper, co-written with Red Hat, to discover the powerful formula to unlock your Digital Transformation potential.

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