Our CALMS approach towards DevOps

Implementing DevOps creates the mind-set, tools & processes to turn ideas rapidly  into new and enhanced features.

Our approach to DevOps is captured using the acronym CALMS: Culture, Automation, Lean, Measurement & SharingCALMS covers the 5 dimensions that are essential to enable a successful DevOps implementation.

The CALMS approach explained

  • Culture

    Culture is an essential element for a successful implementation of DevOps
  • Automation

    Automate everything; remove the boring work while increasing quality and speed
  • Lean

    Running lean means reducing waste and keeping everything to a minimum
  • Measurement

    If a team does not have visibility into everything, something will go horribly wrong
  • Sharing

    Foster collaboration through exchange of ideas across teams and a Single Source of Truth


Hans Mollevanger
DevOps Director

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