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DevOps is crucial in a Digital Transformation economy

Digital transformation puts great pressure on IT groups. The business demands them to bring high-quality services to the market quickly and at lower costs. But this is easier said than done. The good news is that there is a solution for this challenge: DevOps.

Nowadays, businesses are in a never-ending race to identify, develop and bring to market the ‘’next big thing’’. Many businesses are undergoing a digital transformation, wherein steps are taken to turn IT from an operational function into a competitive differentiator. To make this journey of digital transformation successful, you first need to remove development constraints. Secondly, you need to eliminate wasted effort and errors from the development. Last but not least, increased visibility into application performance and usage is crucial.

But how do we face these challenges? Stated more clearly: where do I have to start in order to make this journey successful?

DevOps is the solution to IT challenges

DevOps is a philosophy which could be difficult to implement, because organisational structures, processes and policies need to change. Therefore, DevOps is more than just a philosophy; it is a way of changing the culture within an organisation.

Because many organisations are resistant to change, DevOps initiatives can meet resistance from groups. However, despite these challenges, it has been proved that the rewards outweigh the difficulties. Leaders of DevOps experience two times more revenue growth; 68% higher profit and 50% business from new products and services.

A new way of thinking

DevOps challenges the view that Development’s role is to add new features and Operations’ is to make sure the environment is stable and fast. In a DevOps environment, both groups share the goal of helping the business thrive in the application economy. They do this by sharing responsibilities, goals and metrics; collaborating and learning from feedback; and trusting in each other.

What are the benefits of these DevOps best practices?

According to a principal lead architect, these benefits include the following: ‘’It used to take us five people days to do 2 tests. Now it only takes one minute to do the same. We are seeing more defects in development, which is where we want to see them. We saw savings in terms of cost of licenses for some of the infrastructure and reduced the number of local testing environments.’’

How can we support the DevOps journey?

The digital transformation requires speed, agility and 24/7 performance. Interested in the solutions that we could offer to reach your goal in this DevOps journey? Send an email for more information.

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