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Continuous Development brings CIOs closer to customers’ and CEOs’ needs


“Analysts see Continuous Development as a way for CIOs to get closer to the needs of the customer and to meet the needs and whims of the CEO more rapidly,” states CIO UK in their article ‘Three views on Continuous Delivery‘.

As the statement implicates, CEOs are keen on these market developments. Suraj Kika, CEO of software development organisation Jadu explains: “We are moving from upgrade releases twice per year – to updates every two weeks through Agile Continuous Delivery.”

But how do CIOs feel about this statement? The article quotes Jonathan Mitchell, former CIO at Rolls Royce: “More efficient processes between dev and ops is good news, but the concept of ‘continuous delivery’ is likely to strike fear into the hearts of CIOs who are already struggling to maintain the reliability of the complex, kaleidoscope of interrelated software in their estate.”

Read the whole article by CIO UK.

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