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Chapter 1


Chapter 2

The Setup

Chapter 3

The Case

Chapter 6


Chapter 2

The Setup

I used Anypoint Studio v14 for the MuleSoft tests and VisualVM to monitor JVM memory and CPU. As for the Kafka topic, I found Confluent to be straightforward to implement. You can set up your topic within a couple of minutes using their free trial.

Confluent Setup:

  • Basic cluster type, single zone
  • Cluster locations is AWS EU Central 1 and I performed the tests from Amsterdam
  • Topic
    • 6 Partitions
    • ~2 MB Max Message Size
    • 7 Days retention

Mule (Studio) Setup:

I used 0.2 cores equivalent mule configuration and my studio runs on MacOS M1 Pro Monterey v12.6.7.






For the connectors, I used Kafka Connector (v4.7.1) and HTTP Connector (v1.7.3) on Mule Server 4.4.0 EE.