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Exploring the Power of Kafka in MuleSoft Applications

On a fresh, rainy summer day in Amsterdam, I find myself seated on my balcony, daydreaming about the prospect of strolling around in my raincoat, all while procrastinating the completion of a long-overdue article on streams. However, it’s high time I translate my experiences into words before I forget the journey I’ve embarked upon in the realm of streaming needs for an API-led integration environment. My aim is to share insights that can potentially benefit those who may find themselves in a similar situation. This is the essence of creating blogs, articles, or e-books, as I understand it. So here I am, eager to share the experiments I’ve conducted with Mule, hoping that they will prove valuable to you.

Exploring the Power of Kafka in MuleSoft Applications

Fatih Turgut

Senior Consultant

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In this E-Book, you’ll find an example of how to load data onto a Kafka topic using a streaming API and how to read from it. Keep in mind that writing performance to Kafka topics may vary depending on the location of your topic. However, since these tests aim to compare the performance of a Mule application using different approaches within Mule itself, the specifics of the Kafka setup should not be a significant factor.

Download the E-Book