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Support in the transition to a SAFe organization for central government

The snapshot


An agile organization that is ready for the future


Deliver real value quickly and frequently


Cost savings through application and infrastructure consolidation

The challenge

The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) has been implemented to make the organization agile and to make it possible to add short-cycle value for citizens and organizations. After this, the legacy working methods, processes and systems had to be adapted to the new framework.

The Solution

  • Consolidate infrastructure and applications as much as possible and migrate to the Cloud for optimal agility.
  • Integrate SAFe/Agile processes as much as possible into the standard handling of incidents and changes.
  • Use of Jira and Confluence to support and safeguard the new processes and for knowledge sharing.


The organization can react immediately to changing circumstances

Functionalities are delivered faster and more frequently that really add value for citizens and organizations

The organization saves a lot on costs

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