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Centralized Logging Platform for a Dutch government institute

The snapshot


Long or Short retention based on law and user requirements


Easy way of controlling and managing data and logs


Support many different use cases based on the same information

The challenge

  • Support of sustainable information management
  • Setup single centralized logging platform 
  • Onboarding hundreds of log sources, Peta Bytes
  • Provide search and dashboard services
  • Fit in GDPR regulations

The Solution

  • Making use of standardized automation pipelines
  • Implementation of standardized field mapping
  • Elastic cloud enterprise to accommodate sizing, retention and performance 


Greater way of searching and presenting data and logs across multiple systems and sources

Storing solution supports GDPR laws depending on needs and requirements

Elastic Services

With our 10+ Elastic certified consultants, Devoteam is your partner for developing and implementing monitoring & observability solutions that facilitate optimal IT control, from Business & IT Operations dashboards to centralized logging & proactive alerting.

Based on previous experiences, Devoteam’s standards, policies, and guidelines have been proven successful and efficient.