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Elastic Services

With our 10+ Elastic certified consultants, Devoteam is your partner for developing and implementing monitoring & observability solutions that facilitate optimal IT control, from Business & IT Operations dashboards to centralized logging & proactive alerting.

Based on previous experiences, Devoteam’s standards, policies and guidelines have been proven successful and efficient.

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About Elastic

Elastic builds real-time, scalable enterprise search, observability, and security solutions on a single free and open technology stack that can be deployed anywhere. Thousands of organizations worldwide use Elastic to instantly find actionable insights from any type of data and power mission-critical systems.

The challenges

Devoteam addresses the challenges that Enterprises face in day to day operations, such as:

Not centralized or agile

No centralized overview of logs, infrastructure, applications, user experience and missing an Agile overview of end-to-end business services and performance

No business dashboards

No base operations and business dashboard easily filtered on daily requirements

3rd party services

Working with 3rd party services performance, that influences yours

Not real-time

Using non-real-time dashboards, no clear view of the current state

Lack of experience

Lack of end-user experience in using monitoring data

No notifications

Not getting notified by the end-user that services are not working correctly

The Devoteam approach

With our observability and monitoring experts, we will investigate the gaps and improvements. Depending on the type of business and services you deliver we will build a plan:

  • We take a tool-agnostic approach
  • Present POC’s with tools of which will solve your monitoring issues
  • Analyze and show you which will bring the most value

With this, we can start to discover, analyze, and visualize the data and create value for any part of your business. Whether this is for IT, Ops, DevOps,  SIEM, APM, etc.

Depending on your requirements, the observability and monitoring tools can be run on-premise or in the cloud as a SaaS solution.

Deliverables & outcomes

What are the benefits for your company/business?

  • Centralized Monitoring, logs, infrastructure, applications, and services 
  • Data overview in maintainable and user-friendly dashboards
  • Shared data insights between Business and DevOps teams
  • Possibility to proactively stop potential services affecting problems
  • Business continuity and Operations control
  • Increase in uptime, end-user experience, performance, and revenue
  • Elastic subscription model that fits your requirements

Elastic Services we work with

Elastic Observability
Unify and contextualize your logs, metrics, and APM data for a holistic view of the state of your world — from one laptop to thousands of machines across the globe. Bring it all together at scale in a single stack so you can monitor and react to events happening anywhere in your environment.

Elastic Enterprise Search
Simplify the process of building rich search experiences for software applications of every kind, from ecommerce websites to SaaS applications to mobile apps.

The Elastic Stack
This is a data store, search engine, and analytics platform — all in one. It’ s easy to procure, and delivers relevant results in milliseconds (or less), and comes with a robust ecosystem of solutions and support.

Elastic Cloud
This is the official managed Elastic Stack service, available as a SaaS offering on different cloud platforms, such as AWS, GCP, and Microsoft Azure.

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