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Centralized Monitoring Solution using the Elastic Observability stack

Did you ever experience a service not running for three days without you knowing? Have you been notified by your business or customer that your system was not working correctly? Can you quickly diagnose the root cause of a problem without the need to log in on multiple systems?

IT is important as a key business enabler. As IT Operations you need to be in control. You don’t want to be pointed to a problem by your end-users or your customers.

hosting options MuleSoft & Azure
hosting options MuleSoft & Azure

An IT landscape exists of many applications

Every application has its own way of logging and monitoring. Having all your logging data centrally stored enables you to have a clear overview of your data and makes it easier to secure. Data stored in one central place makes it a single source of truth. The whole organization looks at the same data in the same way. Complex alerts and machine learning are made possible with more coverage of monitoring data.

This allows an organization to use that data for a high level (business) dashboard with KPI based information and more detailed IT Ops dashboards to quickly find any problems and their causes.

The Devoteam approach

  • Analyze, Analyse the components of the IT landscape. Which applications are connected to which? Which sources are a priority to monitor first?
  • Collect, Set up the Elastic stack. Create a data ingestion pipeline and start filling Elasticsearch with data. Start small and expand by adding more and more data sources.
  • Build, Create dashboards and alerts. Discuss with stakeholders if the monitoring solution meets their requirements. Adapt where needed.
  • Deliver, Deliver monitoring solutions bit by bit. Focus on getting all components of a single application covered, and expand onwards to other applications.
  • Training & Coaching, If you would like to manage your Centralized Monitoring platform, our consultants provide ongoing coaching and training to guide your sustained success!

Challenges that Enterprises face in day to day operations

No centralized overview

No centralized overview on how and what is monitored by external suppliers

notifications by the end-user

Get notified by the end-user that services are not working correct

Lack of control

Find out about an issue regarding a certain service after 3 days

Always catching up

Working reactive instead of proactive

No real time overview

Using non real time dashboards, no clear view of the current state

Lack of experience

Lack of end user experience in using monitoring data

How do we create value for your business?

First we need data to work with and use Elastic Beat or Logstash to collect the information. After that the data needs to be ‘shaped’ and ingested into Elasticsearch. This is where the data is indexed and prepared for usage.

With this we can start to discover, analyse and visualize the data and create value for any part of your business. Whether this is for IT, Ops, DevOps, SIEM, APM, etc.

We utilize the many tools within Kibana to provide an in-depth view and understanding of:

  • Application and Services – APM
  • Availability of hosts, network device(s) or third party services, Website, and API monitoring – Uptime

Depending on your requirements the Elastic Observability Stack can be operated On-Premise, Public Cloud or as a SaaS solution.

What are the benefits for your company?

  • Centralized Monitoring, logging and data overview
  • Data overview in maintainable and user friendly dashboards
  • Shared data insights between Business and DevOps teams
  • Possibility to proactively stop potential services affecting problems
  • Less critical / user impacting incidents
  • Business continuity and Operations control
  • Increase in uptime,  end user experience, performance and revenue
  • The Elastic subscription model that fits your requirement

Ready to take the next step to Centralized Monitoring?

At Devoteam, we believe it is crucial to be in control of your IT Landscape and Business Operations. We see centralized monitoring as the #1 solution to get you in charge. We do this with Elastic, our trusted partner, and market leader in monitoring solutions. Together, we apply value-adding technology at scale, with a proven track-record at customers such as Renewi and De Watergroep. At Devoteam we shape technology for people.

Want to improve your overview with observability?

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