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Do you know: how to customise Kibana with your own logo?

Each week, a new “Do You Know” will be posted on our Elastic Technical Knowledge Hub to share useful knowledge to improve the observability using Elasticsearch. These topics originate from day-to-day challenges we solved for our clients. A stepwise description helps you to successfully implement solutions on improving the performance of your deployment and get the best monitoring of your applications using dashboards and alerting.

This week I will discuss: how to customise Kibana with your own logo.


Elastic offers the possibility to replace the Elastic logo with your own company logo. This includes the logo shown on the browser tabs, the logo in your Kibana window (top left) and the logo that is shown when Elastic is loading.


In Kibana, go to the menu on the left side and choose Stack Management → Advanced Settings and choose the Global Settings.

The custom logo section is used to replace the Elastic logo in Kibana. Make sure that your image is not larger than 128×128 pixels and has a transparent background.

In order to replace the Elastic logo that appears on the browser tabs, you must give the URL of your logo in either the Favicon (SVG) section or the Favicon (PNG) section depending on the image type.

Save the changes and reload Kibana. Your logo will now appear in Kibana.

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