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Applying product centricity to IT integration

IT Integration is no longer just the glue that ties IT systems together. Rather, it is at the core of innovation and value creation for digital businesses. Through IT Integration, services can be delivered as reusable assets, offering business capabilities as services to internal and external customers. By applying a product thinking approach to these assets, the services can be continuously evolved, optimized and economies of scale can be achieved.

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Two paradigms underpinning a Product-centric IT integration approach

Operating product-centric, demands for a fundamental shift in delivering APIs. Instead of delivering an API to connect two individual systems, an API is exposing a business capability or service, which can be consumed by multiple applications. This asks for different skills and understanding from both Product and Business teams, as well as from the internal engineering or developer community. Bringing this understanding is pivotal for the success of the approach.

Our approach covers 3 aspects


Devoteam helps you shape the teams to design, build, deliver and support your APIs and integrations. We know the critical roles and skills for your team and are able to shape the team and execute.


Product centricity asks for short feedback loops and optimizing customer value. It is absolutely vital to be able to deal with ever-changing requirements. A solid governance should cater for maximum agility, enabling a fast time-to-market.


The Technology element enables for a true Platform Thinking approach, fostering the creation of Digital Products or Services as reusable assets for internal and external customers. 

Key takeaways

Reusability is not just an IT concern, product centricity enhances true asset building

Product centricity driven by maturity Evangelise the value of APIs
Certain enablement in terms of automation and governance needs to be in place in order to comfortably decentralize into a product-centric delivery model. A proper understanding of APIs and their value towards a product-centric enterprise is pivotable in the success of digital innovation. This mindset shift can be achieved through evangelisation efforts.
Build the composable enterprise People, Process and Technology
The concept of reusability applies to the creation of Digital Products for customers, as well as to reusable capabilities for the enterprise itself. Gartner talks about the composable enterprise in this regard. The success of product centricity requires a transformation on the axes of People, Process, and Technology. You need the right skills, governance models, and tools in order to innovate, build and monetize assets.

Strive for seamless connectivity with API Management.

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