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How to choose between MuleSoft Anypoint and Azure Integration?

Both Integration Platforms are very versatile and powerful: from being able to address many different Integration scenarios to building an API ecosystem around your company. The differences are getting smaller.

MuleSoft Anypoint Platform

MuleSoft’s unified platform is mature and has strong support for creating APIs. It is proven to be able to handle high volume use cases and flexible enough to handle special deployment circumstances like on-premise with no or limited internet connectivity. It offers extensive guidance on Integration architecture, implementation approach with a focus on maintainability and agility in the long run. The Exchange marketplace makes it possible to share, find and collaborate on assets throughout the organization.

Azure Integration Services

Azure offers a pragmatic approach to building integrations, and an intuitive web interface to build and manage them. It offers Cloud-native features like abstracting away infrastructure concerns (scaling) and usage-based pricing. On the other hand, with higher demand and complexity, it is beneficial to move to single-tenant Azure services, which also come with a more predefined infrastructure scale and pricing. For API implementations, the code-based Azure Functions is, in many cases, the way to go in Azure, while there is solid support for API design and (low code) implementation in MuleSoft. The innovation in the Logic App space (single-tenant) is opening up new possibilities to tackle complex integrations. At the moment some limitations apply that should be carefully considered.

MuleSoft offers a single deployment model for all hosting options, making it straightforward to move from on-premise or vice versa. With Azure Logic Apps there are multiple variants; thus requiring teams to be aware of the specifics of each option.

Need help?

Devoteam can help you evaluate Integration products based on the requirements that are important to your organization. Do you have any questions or would you like to receive more information about our Integration & API services? Don’t hesitate and reach out to us.

5 differentiators between Azure Integration Services and MuleSoft Anypoint Platform

Devoteam’s Integration consulting services

Building on 20+ years of extensive Integration experience at both multinationals and SMEs, we support our customers with Integration technology services. Our experts cover the full spectrum of skills, experiences, and proven approaches needed for the Integration of processes regarding customers, services, products, and operating models. In short, we enable seamless ecosystem connectivity for your entire value chain. We enable organizations to easily connect with their prospects, customers, suppliers & partners by:

  • Setting up (hybrid) Integration platforms, from architecture to configuration
  • Taking care of your Integration environment through a managed services model with different support levels
  • APIs & API Management
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)