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Integration Platform Selection

Integration services on Azure Cloud and Mulesoft Anypoint Platform are modern Integration Platforms and are able to support many requirements. Nevertheless, we shall see that there can be clear reasons to choose one or the other, such as support for building APIs, transaction volumes, tackling Integration complexity, maintainability and support for issue resolution.

Let Devoteam help you evaluate these platforms. We support your business goals and make sure your ROI is a priority.

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Integration Platform Comparison
Integration Platform Comparison
Integration Platform Selection

Modern-day enterprise Integration

Enterprise Integration products have been available for decades. They are used to connect applications within the enterprise as well as connect with partner companies. There are well-known patterns to build reliable and performant solutions. But the requirements posed on enterprise Integration products have evolved rapidly as organizations have embarked on digital transformation programmes, for example:

  • Increasing number of IT (and sometimes: business) teams are involved in building and deploying integrations, without a dependency on a central IT team.
  • Handle security concerns through application of declarative policies. For access control, both traditional network-based security as well as modern identity-based models (e.g. OAuth 2.0) must be supported, plus protections like rate limiting.
  • Ability to quickly integrate both self-hosted legacy systems and SaaS solutions, e.g. via connectors or usage examples.
  • Manage all APIs — both services deployed to the Integration Platform as well as microservices deployed elsewhere, applying policies and measuring usage trends and diagnosing errors.
  • Supporting both API-based and event-driven architectures.

Integration Platform Comparison

In our fact sheet “5 differentiators between Azure Integration Services and MuleSoft Anypoint Platform” we have compared five key differences between these platforms. The fact sheet is obviously not complete. Devoteam can help you evaluate Integration services based on the requirements that are important to your organization. Fill out the form and our experts will get in touch to see where we can help you.

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