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API Management – Consultancy and Implementation

Our +25 years of integration experience in projects within every sector you can think of, combined with strong a partnership with MuleSoft, enable us to guide your organization through every API-related challenge. Looking for help? Feel free to contact us.

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API Management trends - Devoteam NL
API Management trends - Devoteam NL

What is API Management?

“API Management is the process of publishing, promoting and governing APIs, in a secure and scalable environment.”

Three main requirements drive API Management solutions

API Security

Organizations must ensure that published APIs do not pose a security liability. Uncontrolled access to sensitive information from data, content, and services cannot be allowed, and the underlying systems must be protected with authentication, rate limiting, and quotas.

API Governance

Central governance of the APIs, reducing a lot of the technical debt and double-work. API discoverability, API reusability, API lifecycle, rich API documentation, API monetization. Portal capability, connecting API Developers to API Consumers.

API Analytics

Centralized gathering and analysis of API Analytics, providing real-time dashboards. Understand API usage and performance through interactive reporting, for both API Developers and API Consumers.

Why API Management for your organization?

The digital ecosystem is evolving in many directions. Organizations are adopting multiple channels to drive newer sales channels, trigger new business models and generate more and more revenue. This triggers the need of unlocking business assets to the outside world in a secure manner. The increasing demand from Internet Business Models, IoT, social media, and Cloud Adoption will exponentially increase the need to expose the business assets to the outside world by means of API.

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The number of APIs is growing exponentially with the demanding business needs. As more and more APIs are getting exposed to the outside world, organizations are struggling with securing the APIs and their underlying systems against external threats, monitoring the usage of APIs and its data, and monetizing its assets to generate more revenue. These new complexities demand very efficient API Lifecycle Management, and the use of API Analytics to monitor health trends and insights in the API ecosystem.

Our API Management offers

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Strive for seamless connectivity with API Management.

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Operating product centric, demands for a fundamental shift in delivering APIs. Instead of delivering an API to connect two individual systems, an API is exposing a business capability or service, which can be consumed by multiple applications.

Our strategic partner

MuleSoft supports businesses in linking systems and applications together, an indispensable step towards digital transformation.

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