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API Management Tool Selection

The number of APIs is growing exponentially with demanding business needs. As more and more APIs are being exposed to the outside world, organizations are struggling with securing their APIs and their underlying systems against external threats, monitoring the usage of APIs and its data, and monetizing its assets to generate more revenue.

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API Management Tool Selection
API Management Tool Selection

Why API Management capabilities are a must-have for your organization?

These new complexities demand the following disciplines are thoroughly considered as a fundamental part of a company’s overall API strategy to be able to minimize threats and maximize revenues.

API Security

Organizations must ensure that published APIs do not pose a security liability. Uncontrolled access to sensitive information from data, content, and services cannot be allowed, and the underlying systems must be protected with authentication, rate limiting, and quotas.

API Governance

Central governance of the APIs, reducing a lot of the technical debt and double-work. API discoverability, API reusability, API lifecycle, rich API documentation, API monetization. Portal capability, connecting API Developers to API Consumers.

API Analytics

Centralized gathering and analysis of API Analytics, providing real-time dashboards. Understand API usage and performance through interactive reporting, for both API Developers and API Consumers.

API Lifecycle Management

The API management Lifecycle is a multi-step process which allows API teams to manage APIs in an efficient and successful way. MuleSoft Anypoint, an intelligent platform used for developing and managing API proxies – manages the entire API lifecycle.

The challenge of navigating to the right API Management solution for your organization

There are numerous API Management product offerings in the market, each having its own set of business-relevant features, technology characteristics, and commercial models. Many organizations, and maybe yours, may struggle with either insufficient competency to evaluate such critical technology assets or the time pressure to be able to dedicate to a proper systematic evaluation exercise or simply both.


What can Devoteam do for you?

Devoteam is an acknowledged authority on API management, a reputation that has been built through many years of tangible, real-life API Management implementations in very complex and demanding eco-systems. Devoteam’s 100+ API Management experts have accumulated in-depth knowledge of the most relevant API Management platforms on the market and as such are able to map the capabilities of those to your company’s unique requirements giving us a unique position of technical competency and vendor neutrality to be able to make the right recommendation to our customers based on their individual requirements without being distracted by buzzwords and the latest feature sets.




What you get

Your company will receive a detailed report based on 100+ criteria within the categories Security, Identity Access Management, API Lifecycle Management, Analytics, Developer Portal, Testing, Scaling, Deployment Model, Monitoring capabilities, and Release Management, with a thorough analysis of how the different products score on a combined Devoteam’s expert and your specific product requirements. This will help you accelerate your decision making in selecting the right product offering for your enterprise.


More information?

For more information, variants of the API Management Platform Evaluation, and specifics about this packaged offer (prices, evaluation criteria, etc), please contact us, and download our API Management Tool Selection one-pager.

Download our API Management Tool Selection one-pager

API Management Tool Selection one-pager Devoteam Netherlands

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