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Tech Friday: Exploring new features of Elastic

Friday April 1st, it was time for our 3rd Elastic Tech Friday. At Devoteam, we have 15 Elastic experts working with all kinds of customers to help them with their search for observability challenges. To make sure we all keep connected. We are using several communication channels to keep up to date on trends and developments about Elastic. However, the most important one, is our monthly Tech meeting in the office. 

During this meeting, we discussed what we did at our customers, get updates from our Sales and Marketing team and we share ideas on how we can improve ourselves. These topics are of course very useful, but the most important topics are discussed in the breakout sessions.

Every Tech meeting, we have 2 or 3 breakout sessions. This time we had sessions about retrieving your Elastic Cloud cost via APIs into Elastic, exploring new features of version 8.1 and looking at combinations of Azure, Elastic and Terraform. During these sessions, of approximately 2 hours, we work in small groups on these topics. In the end, we present the outcome to the whole group.

During these sessions people learned how to retrieve data from Elastic Cloud via their API using Logstash and people learned about the new Kibana Lens visualizations in version 8.1. Very interesting for us as consultants. At Devoteam, we believe in a strong Elastic community. We achieve this for example by having these Tech Friday meetings.

Once finished we had some drinks and snacks to celebrate the start of the weekend and bond with each other.