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Monitoring & Observability with Elastic

Elastic provides real-time, scalable search, observability, and security solutions on a free, open technology stack. Trusted by thousands worldwide, Elastic instantly unlocks actionable insights from diverse data, empowering mission-critical systems.

With our 20+ Elastic certified consultants, Devoteam is your Elastic Elite Partner for developing and implementing monitoring & observability solutions that facilitate optimal IT control, from Business & IT Operations dashboards to centralized logging & proactive alerting.

Elastic Elite Partner

Devoteam is an Elastic Elite Partner. We believe it is crucial to be in control of your IT landscape and business operations. We see centralized monitoring as the #1 solution to get you in charge. We do this with Elastic, our trusted partner and market leader in monitoring solutions. Together, we apply value-adding technology at scale with a proven track-record with customers.

The challenges

Devoteam addresses the challenges that Enterprises face in day to day operations.

Not centralized or agile

Lack of centralized oversight for logs, infrastructure, apps, user experience, and agile end-to-end business service performance.

No business dashboards

No base operations and business dashboard easily filtered on daily requirements.

3rd party services

Working with 3rd party services performance, that influences yours.

Not real-time

Using non-real-time dashboards, no clear view of the current state.

Lack of experience

Lack of end-user experience in using monitoring data.

No notifcations

Not getting notified by the end-user that services are not working correctly.

Our solutions

Centralized Logging

Our centralized logging solution consolidates logs and data from various sources across an organization’s network into a centralized location for streamlined analysis, monitoring and troubleshooting.

Monitoring Integration Platforms

Monitoring integration platforms ensures seamless operation by tracking data flows, message exchanges, and system health. Our proactive approach ensures optimal performance, reliability, and efficient troubleshooting.

Point of Sale Monitoring

A Point Of Sale (POS) monitoring solution observes and analyzes transactions at the POS in real time. It offers valuable insights into sales trends, inventory status, and customer behavior for informed decision-making.


OpenTelemetry combined with the ELK stack offers a potent monitoring solution, leveraging its comprehensive observability features and real-time data analysis capabilities. This integration facilitates efficient troubleshooting, performance optimization, and enhanced insights into modern software environments.

Elastic Security

Elastic Security is a comprehensive cybersecurity platform developed by Elastic. It offers a range of security solutions including Endpoint security, SIEM, threat hunting, and behavioral analytics. Elastic Security helps organizations detect, prevent, and respond to security threats effectively.

The Devoteam approach

With our observability and monitoring experts, we will investigate the gaps and improvements. Depending on the type of business and services you deliver, we will build a plan:

  • We take a tool-agnostic approach
  • We present proof of concept with tools that will solve your monitoring issues
  • We analyze and show you which will bring the most value

With this, we can start to discover, analyze, and visualize the data and create value for any part of your business. Whether this is for IT, Ops, DevOps, SIEM, or APM.

Depending on your requirements, the observability and monitoring tools can be run on-premise or in the cloud as a SaaS solution.

Our Elastic services

Elastic as a Service

We provide Elastic as a Service, delivering scalable and efficient solutions tailored to your organization’s needs. From setup to ongoing management, we handle the complexities, ensuring seamless operation and empowering your business with the flexibility and power of Elastic’s cutting-edge technology.

Elastic Consultancy

Our Elastic consultants leverage their expertise in the Elastic Stack and their cross-domain experience to design and implement customized search, analytics and data management solutions while also empowering clients through knowledge transfer and training.


Our troubleshooting service delivers swift and effective solutions to resolve technical issues across your Elastic platform. Our expert team swiftly identifies root causes, minimizing downtime and optimizing system performance.

Deliverables & outcomes

What are the benefits for your organization?

  • Centralized Monitoring, logs, infrastructure, applications, and services 
  • Data overview in maintainable and user-friendly dashboards
  • Shared data insights between Business and DevOps teams
  • Possibility to proactively stop potential services affecting problems
  • Business continuity and Operations control
  • Increase in uptime, end-user experience, performance, and revenue
  • Elastic subscription model that fits your requirements

Propositions with low investment Start your Elastic journey

Quickstart Elastic Observability

Implementation accelerator for Elastic observability, including a Kibana dashboard.

  • Starting workshop
  • Setup & configure
  • Innovate & integrate
  • Handover workshop

Elastic Technical Knowledge Hub

We have a dedicated page for expert insights and practical tips on Elastic products like Elasticsearch and Kibana.

Whether you’re a beginner or advanced user, we’ve got you covered with valuable knowledge to tackle any challenge in the Elastic Stack.


Want to improve your overview with observability?

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