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Quickstart Elastic Observability

Implementation accelerator for Elastic observability, including Kibana dashboard

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hosting options MuleSoft & Azure
hosting options MuleSoft & Azure

Observability is the evolution of monitoring into a process that offers insight into digital business applications, speeds innovation and enhances customer experience.

This Elastic Cloud Quick Start provides you the first steps in answering a lot of questions, to mention a few:

  • Why are the services, applications or systems broken or down?
  • Is the system performance on a critical path?
  • How can we predict the near future better?
  • What went wrong during the latest release or deployment?
  • How can we convince our organization about the possibilities of Elastic, like support in development, testing, operations and much more?


Our approach

Devoteam has created a quick-setup solution that standardizes the implementation of Elastic using our observability best practice templates. Our Elastic quick-setup solution is an Elastic approved implementation approach, ready to use and adapted to your organizational needs.


Analysis of requirements

Setup and configure

Elastic Cloud Platform

Innovate by integrating

The first system with quick wins (low hanging fruits)

Handover Workshop  

Build and use the first Kibana dashboard.

MuleSoft meetup

The deliverables

  • A fully operational Elastic Cloud environment, including a customer kick-off workshop and one application log ingestion pipeline
  • One Kibana Dashboard, including Application workload deployed in Elastic Cloud.
  • Additional: Handover workshop (no training) & next phase proposal

Download our complete Elastic Observability Quickstart – brochure

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