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Tech Friday: Exploring Elastic App Search & discussing new opportunities

On the 29th of April, at the Devoteam office in The Hague, we had our monthly Tech Friday. A Tech Friday is a community meeting where all of the Elastic consultants of Devoteam come together to discuss trends and developments. Again, it was still a huge success.

During the meeting, we briefly discussed the exciting work we do for customers and various sales and marketing opportunities. Below a few elements that came by:

  • Kafka, Ansible, and Terraform related work for our government customers
  • ECK upgrade to version 8 for a Dutch Telecom giant (which went very smoothly)
  • Dashboarding and visualisation for a Belgian client
  • Comparing and analysing Elastic solutions for a car manufacturing company
  • Data parsing and transformation for one of the biggest high schools in Belgium

We had our breakout sessions as usual. This time we had sessions on MuleSoft opportunities for some of our customers, exploring Enterprise Elastic Search i.e App Search and Elastic’s most recent features.

During these breakout sessions, of approximately 2 hours, we worked in small groups on these topics. In the end, we presented the outcome to the whole group. As always, we had way too much to discuss and explore in way too little time. Everybody keeps coming up with new ideas! Ideas, for example, like looking at 3rd party tools that work with Elastic or checking to see if we can automate our own Utilization dashboard, and much more.

We have taken a more detailed look at Elastic App Search and explored various use cases. We also discussed different types of approaches and next steps for MuleSoft and Elastic opportunities. We ended the day with drinks and bites!

We are insanely proud to have such a strong Elastic community that regularly hosts these Tech Friday meetings!