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Integration Quick Scan

Let’s assess your Hybrid Integration capabilities! Integration nowadays involves more than integrating systems in a data center. It involves integration between many environments in every shape and form. Combining an on-premise and multi-cloud solution, with API management as a must-have to safely connect and protect your most valuable assets is how it’s mostly done.

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Integratie Quick scan
Integratie Quick scan

Why you should participate in this Integration Quick Scan

  • Overall integration optimization to reduce the time to market.
  • Quick business wins with integration tooling and governance tips.
  • Assess your cultural readiness for hybrid integration.
  • Give you a holistic view of your current integration capabilities and areas to improve.

How the Integration Quick Scan is done

  • Interviews: We assess the level of integration maturity across 4 main categories by conducting interviews and gather future integration needs in line with business strategy and digital ambitions.
  • Analysis: We analyze the high-level architecture documentation and interview results, after which we benchmark you against Devoteam’s data set of previously done Quick Scans.
  • Report: Create the reports and high-level roadmap with milestones.

TImeline assessment

What the Integration Quick Scan entails


A high-level review to identify strategic and pragmatic improvements to secure business strategy implementation.


Hybrid integration capabilities and competencies.


Active engagement of key stakeholders in the Assessment stage. Availability of relevant high-level documentation.


A high-level hybrid integration Maturity Report with Devoteam’s recommendations and integration roadmap guidelines. Including an executive presentation.

Discover your Integration Maturity based on 5 levels

5 levels of integration quick scan

Our Integration Quick Scan Report will provide you with quick wins to start saving in operating costs, increase time to market, become a truly scalable organization, and modernize your integration landscape to embrace the promises of cutting-edge technologies. Contact us via our contact form for any questions or to request more info about the Integration Quick Scan.

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