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Cloud Native Development    

In this age of disruption, those organizations that manage to out-innovate their competitors consistently outperform them as well. Modern IT practices and technologies, powered by cloud environments, enable you to reduce costs, work more efficiently, and innovate faster.

Our team of highly certified Software engineers, specialized in .NET, Java, JavaScript, Microsoft Cloud, consisting of multiskilled Software Development Architects, Designers, Developers and Quality Assuarance Engineers, are ready to help you become a modern, cloud-native organization.

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Learn how we can help you

What we do. Our Software Engineering capabilities

We can help you leverage the possibilities of a modern cloud-based development to deliver maximum business value.

Cloud-Native Application Development

We help you with building applications that exploit advantages of cloud platforms with a strong understanding of cloud delivery models.

Web Application Development

We help you with building web applications with a strong understanding of web development concepts and patterns.

Application Modernization

We help you with modernizing outdated software to improve interoperability, increase performance and scalability, and deliver more business value.

Cloud Enabled Software Development Life Cycle

We realize highly automated software delivery pipelines, facilitating automated builds, tests and deployments of your modernized applications.

Modern Enterprise Integration

Devoteam can help with the connectivity of applications, data and devices through APIs. This is a key enabler for innovation within your organization.


Experience in building software solutions following microservices architecture principles and patterns.

What we are good at. Overall expertise

Develop and modernize your intellectual property assets

  • Cloud-Native app development
  • Web app development
  • Application Modernization
  • Planning & Roadmapping
  • Execution
  • Application rehosting
  • Cloud native re-architecting

Scale to the next level

  • Digital Product Blueprint & Roadmap
  • Cloud enabled SDLC
  • Kubernetes Development
  • DevOps with Github

Shape your holistic Application Network

  • API Product strategy
  • API Management
  • Enterprise Integration
  • Integration Services

Driving cutting-edge operational excellence. Our Cloud Managed Services


Adopt a genuine Cloud-native Managed Services approach leveraging modern technologies and methodologies as-a-service. 


Shift to Business First focusing on strengthening your core business competitive advantage in the market


Drive Modernization of legacy systems leveraging a wide pallet of certified experts.

Modernizing enables and drives growth. Start now!

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Ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of applications, data, and services is essential while leveraging the capabilities of a cloud-based infrastructure.

  • Security-focused Software Engineering approach

Our security-focused approach allows organizations to confidently pursue cloud-native application development, web application development, and the modernization of existing systems, all while mitigating risks associated with cyber threats and breaches.

  • Cornerstones for building resilient and well-protected software solutions

A secure software development lifecycle, highly automated delivery pipelines, and adherence to microservices architecture principles serve as cornerstones for building resilient and well-protected software solutions.

  • Security as an enabler for innovation

In a landscape where innovation is closely tied to connectivity and integration, a strong security foundation becomes an enabler, fostering innovation and sustained success within the organization’s ecosystem.

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By harnessing cloud environments and adopting cloud-native development approaches, sustainable software engineering aims to create applications that maximize business value while minimizing environmental impact.

  • Enhance interoperability

This involves building applications that align with cloud platforms, employing robust web development principles, and modernizing legacy software to enhance interoperability, performance, and scalability.

  • Sustainable application network

The key goal is to establish a holistic, sustainable application network that fosters innovation through seamless connectivity of applications, data, and devices via APIs.

Sustainability enabled by Digital

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