Devoteam M Cloud Cooking Class

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Unique Cooking Class Sustainability experience

A handful of cloud technology, two well-matured management approaches and a pinch of daring – this could also be your recipe for more sustainability in the company. You can find out how you can succeed in preparing an excellent concept for more sustainability and digitization in your organization with a well-thought-out recipe and the right ingredients in our Cooking Class Sustainability.

Together with your host Hans Lindeman, Country Managing Director Norway & Director of Sustainability Enabled by Digital by Devoteam, your chef Joerg Hambueckers, GPS Sustainability at Microsoft, and the award-winning “cookbook author” Fabrice Neiman, Deputy Director Sustainability, we would like to invite you to a small cooking class that whets the appetite for your own creations and recipes. Learn from our experts which ingredients belong to a sustainable company and which equipment and (kitchen) technologies you need to contribute to the 1.5 degree goal and a more sustainable world.

Unique Cooking Class Sustainability experience

Learn how Microsoft’s technology and Devoteam’s expertise can help you make the world a better place – while increasing efficiency and productivity. Because there is no healthier dish than sustainability for our planet.

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