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Jira Software for your development and software team

Jira Software is a patented issue tracking product developed by Atlassian that enables bug tracking and agile project management.

Jira Software is designed to help every member of your software development team plan, track, and deploy high-quality code.

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Large-scale digital transformation to the Cloud

Why you should use Jira Software

  • Jira Software is built for every member of your software team to plan,
    track, and release great software.
  • Create user stories and issues, schedule sprints, and assign tasks to your software development team.
  • Not only does it offer Cloud solutions, it also has self-managed solutions. Even though, the on-premise server support will end in 2024, which means it is necessary to migrate to the cloud.
  • Jira Software offers multiple boards, like scrum and Kanban boards. These boards offer a lot of transparency for all the work of a team.
  • Build your own workflows or choose from the standard ones to match your optimal delivery process. One of the greatest advantages of using Jira is its flexibility to be used for any type of organisation following any process of their choice.

Why you need our help with Jira Software


#1 Because you should not do this alone

The clients we’ve helped with the use of Jira Software all agree on one thing: make sure you have an expert by your side, and stay in close contact with Atlassian’s support team. This enables you to use collateral such as our Checklist and Atlassian’s Jira Software Runbook without any struggles, ensures you are fully prepared for the actual implementation of a new platform within your company, and helps you in after-care. Because of our close partnership, we can open those doors for you.

#2 Because we’ve done this before

We’ve helped several clients with setting up the platform for Jira Software, from SME’s to large enterprises. It will improve your workflows effectively and efficiently.

#3 Because we are Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner

We have been an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner since 2018. This partner status is based on our track record in successful customer projects with Atlassian technology, combined with a high level of knowledge about Atlassian products. This means that we enable our customers to work closely with Atlassian experts and get the best advice directly from Atlassian itself.

#4 Because we are more than just an Atlassian expert

We are the #1 in digital strategy, cloud platforms & migrations. Our multidisciplinary teams are a blend of consultants focused on the people, process and technology-side of digital transformation.

Jira Software Resources

Quickstart Jira Software & Advance Roadmaps

Download this Quickstart to begin your journey with the implementation accelerator for Jira Software and Advance Roadmaps. Here you will find more information in what you need to get started and how we can help you in this process!

Blog: Avengers Assemble!

Always wondered how the Avengers reorganized themselves using Jira Software? They ran into some problems and needed to come up with a strategy to fix it. Read about how Marvel is helped by Devoteam by showing them how to fix their problems step for step.

Success Stories Trust us, we’ve done it before.

Nedschroef’s Successful Transition to Jira Service Management

Discover how Nedschroef, Atlassian and Devoteam collaborated to roll out a brand new service management solution with Jira Service Management.

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