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Quickstart Jira Software

Implementation accelerator for Jira Software including Advance Roadmaps.

Developing an idea into an usable feature or a software is essential for the businesses to stay relevant in today’s evolving digital age. All relevant pieces of information need to be in one place to make the final product simple, easy to use and effective.

Our approach


Analysis of requirements

Setup and configure

Jira Software Cloud Platform


Innovate using templates to guide team’s project to success


Build ans use the first Dashboard & Report. Handover Workshop.

MuleSoft meetup

Why a Quickstart for Jira Software?

  • How to breakdown silos between software and IT teams?
  • Should we do Scrum, Kanban or something in between?
  • What went wrong during the latest release or deployment?
  • How to report on my team’s performance?
  • How can we develop our structure to track dependencies and organizational hierarchy?

Download the Quickstart for Jira Software

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