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How the Avengers reorganized themselves using Jira Software?

Marvel Corporation is a big organisation which has a special unit called the Avengers with a team of superheroes (Iron-Man, Hulk, Spiderman, Thor, Captain America etc.) who deliver services for the common people of Earth under the guidance of the team lead Captain Marvel. This team works in close collaboration with each other from their Avengers headquarter. Recently, their headquarters was severely damaged by one of their biggest enemies, Thanos, who disrupted their planning and way of working.

It made the Avengers worried as they were unable to execute their work as expected. Marvel Corporation is worried as they have no clue what’s going on with the Avengers Unit. The stakeholders, the common people of Earth, panicked as they are not getting their service in a timely manner. All of this made Captain Marvel rethink the strategy and she sought out help from Devoteam.

What was done to solve the problems of the Avengers?

The expert group from Devoteam assessed the whole situation and suggested the Avengers to use JIRA software. Let us have a look at how JIRA can help them to deal with all these occurring problems.

Plan: Create and manage the work of the team using Scrum & Kanban board. It is not necessary for the team to be located in one place. The team can be distributed and in the meantime can still access the board which shows any information from any location. You can also use Jira Roadmaps to create a visual representation of all the major work a team is doing, so teams can plan large pieces of work in advance.

Track: Boards provide transparency and visibility into the status of every work item. Time tracking capability and real time performance reports help teams to closely monitor their productivity over time. Teams are even notified of their respective tasks and important events which helps the team to stay on track.

Adapt: Build your own workflows or choose from the standard ones to match your optimal delivery process. One of the greatest advantages of using Jira is its flexibility to be used for any type of organisation, following any process of their choice.

Report: Have a bird’s eye view on the team’s performance with precise, real-time visual reports (with dozens of built-in reports, easily customisable dashboards with many built-in gadgets) that enables teams to make data-driven decisions.

Release: In today’s world, individual work is often merged to master tasks multiple times a day, but it is not always easy to track. With Jira you have full control over that and you can automate this process as well. So, deliver your service confidently and maintain a high value of satisfaction with the stakeholders.

Integrate: The integration expands the standard Jira functionality by many folds. Enhance the ability of Jira Software with the help of integration with other Atlassian and marketplace apps and connect your team to the whole enterprise.

So now the Avengers are using Jira software to plan, build, ship, operate and now have a better chance to beat opponents like Thanos.