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BioSuits Inc. takes the stairway to… the Atlassian Cloud!

The tremendous growth in Cloud hosting in the past decades could not go unnoticed. However, while for many businesses Cloud solutions are the go-to choice, to others it may feel like a larger step to take. BioSuits Inc. is a medium-sized company that sells organic suits for an affordable price. Transitioning from their dedicated platform to a Cloud solution has been on their agenda for years. After careful consideration and with help of Devoteam’s Atlassian team, BioSuits Inc. took the plunge and is now benefiting from Atlassian’s Cloud solutions. In this blog, we explain how.

BioSuits Inc. is a fast-growing company with employees located in multiple countries. For them to operate on a larger scale, it is important to ensure high availability and security levels of their products. By using Atlassian’s infrastructure, your Atlassian products will be automatically and most efficiently secured, and up-to-date with the latest features. Cloud solutions maximise collaboration across globally distributed teams and offer flexible paying solutions. After putting together these business and financial drivers, BioSuits Inc. took the first step in their journey to the Cloud. 

How did BioSuits Inc. move to the Cloud?

With the extensive experience Devoteam has, the Atlassian team helps small to large organisations with their journey to the Cloud.The migration includes: identifying the best migration path, migration strategy, support throughout the process, and clean up of old instances. In short: We manage the migration from the very first step until the last. These steps are often somewhat the same, however, there are three focus areas in Devoteam’s approach.

Role definition. We believe that a successful migration is a team effort and that it is important to define the roles involved. However, for smaller organisations Devoteam’s Atlassian experts may also wear multiple hats to provide end-to-end support. 

Timeline. In the first migration phase, we assess the current landscape and plan, and advise on steps ahead. This is important when it comes to communicating the timelines of the transition, but also to be up-to-date on the roadmap of server and data centre licences of Atlassian products, in the near future.

Support. Cloud solutions change the face of how we operate, this also means that we have to get used to the look and feel of Atlassian’s Cloud products. Devoteam supports you in the preparation towards, during the migration and after migrating. Support may involve training sessions, demos, and documentation. 

Many businesses, like BioSuits Inc., may experience moving to the Cloud as daunting at first. After all, major decisions like these require careful consideration. However, with the help of Devoteam’s Atlassian team, we often see that the stairway is not as high as we may think. Take the first step with us and enjoy the benefits of Atlassian’s Cloud products just like BioSuits Inc.

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