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Jira Service Management for your organization

Jira Service Management is an open platform that empowers teams with service best practices tailored to your organizational needs.

It brings it and business support teams together with streamlined workflows.

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Why you should use Jira Service Management

  • Teams are able to effectively and efficiently deliver more value to customers and support within your organization.
  • It is not exclusively for IT support requests, JSM delivers enterprise-wide service solutions with flexible customization options to me your team’s needs. Whether it is IT, HR or the legal team, no efficiency is lost across organizations.
  • The system is intuitive in its use and does not require development or programming skills to set up. It enables open and seamless collaboration across your organization.
  • Ingest Data from Atlassian, link issues and have your knowledge base centralized, for accurate and fast incident managements.
  • The flow in Dev and Ops enables a higher deliverance of customer impact while accelerating critical development work. Finally, being able to deploy change without any issues whatsoever since it is backed by a complete audit trail with every change that is made.

Why you need our help with Jira Service Management


#1 Because you should not do this alone

The clients we’ve helped with the use of Jira Service Management all agree on one thing: make sure you have an expert by your side, and stay in close contact with Atlassian’s support team. This enables you to use collateral such as our Checklist and Atlassian’s Jira Service Management Runbook without any struggles, ensures you are fully prepared for the actual implementation of a new platform within your company, and helps you in after-care. Because of our close partnership, we can open those doors for you.

#2 Because we’ve done this before

We’ve helped several clients with setting up the platform for Jira Service Management, from SME’s to large enterprises. It can be used by any department and increases the effectiveness and efficiency tremendously, while linking any data from and for any team.

#3 Because we are Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner

We have been an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner since 2018. This partner status is based on our track record in successful customer projects with Atlassian technology, combined with a high level and in-depth knowledge of Atlassian products. This means that we enable our customers to work closely with Atlassian experts and get the best advice directly from Atlassian.

#4 Because we are more than just an Atlassian expert

We are the #1 in digital strategy, cloud platforms & migrations. Our multidisciplinary teams are a blend of consultants focused on the people, process and technology.

Jira Service Management Resources

Quickstart: Enterprise Service Management

Download this Quickstart and gain knowledge about how to support your organization with JSM. The platform is open and collaborative and empowers with streamlined service workflows

Blog: Jira Service Management

Alex is a person just like you and I. Alex needs a contract as well, and someone needs to take care of that. With the help of JSM, Alex, the service agent and relevant information are brought together on one platform. Read more on how JSM works!

Success Stories Trust us, we’ve done it before.

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