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Containerization, Microservices & Monitoring – Utilities Case Study


Background of this Agile IT project

This digital transformation project was executed at a large utility company in the Netherlands. The project involves aspects of different Agile IT techniques: containerization, microservices, and monitoring.

Proof of Value on Modern-Day Architecture

For this client, Devoteam delivered a Proof of Value where multiple aspects were evaluated at the same time. The client started a transition program to change old architecture to new, modern-day architecture where Cloud, availability, accuracy, and scalability play a key role. The client also had a need to try out different new technologies, development methods and processes to discover its potential for organization-wide adoption. A few of these technologies were:

The components communicate with each other through microservices, which have been developed in Java 8 with the help of the Spring Boot Framework and many other add-ons/extensions. All components are open source and free to use, with the exception of OpenShift which has been chosen because of its quick and easy design of a development, test and production environment with all corresponding processes. This Proof of Value showed great performance for production in a high-availability setup.

Proven value: More efficient client data changes

This proof of value, focused on modern-day architecture, showed the client that they could make easy changes to customer data. Instead of having to ask multiple departments and needing IT for changes in customer data, customers and the service desk were enabled to do it themselves, without any technical struggles, displaying the potential for better quality customer service.

Agile IT for your organization

We help your business to innovate with continuity, prepare for fast business changes, deliver operational & financial efficiency, and adopt a new paradigm & mindset. Due to our strong background in integration technologies, 300+ experts in the Netherlands, and access to 8,000 Devoteam brains globally, we are the number one strategic partner for your digital transformation.