Six Announcements Coming Live From Google Next 18

Devoteam is on the ground and live from Google Next 2018, held at Moscone Centre, San Francisco, this week. For those who didn’t know, Google Next 18 officially kickstarted on Tuesday and aims on announcing new partnerships, tools, technologies, and more to build using its ecosystem. Here is our previous article that can give you more insights on the event :

For those of you who can’t make it to the 2018 edition, let us share six amazing announcements noted by our consultants present at the event. The announcements serve as a key to all Google partners, fans and developers to unlock their Cloud potential.


1. Artificial Intelligence with Cloud Auto ML

Cloud AutoML Translation allows you to upload translated language pairs to train your own custom translation model, without any specialized knowledge in ML or coding. The Auto ML is going public as a beta with a really simple User Interface (UI) and will be a natural language that can be easily adapted to any industry. It can recognize jargon, figure of speech and a lot more. They have also announced 3rd generation Tensor Processing units (TPU’s).


2. Cloud Optimization through Istio

In collaboration with several industry partners, Google announced Istio, an open source mesh that gives operators the controls they need to manage microservices at scale and will shortly be ready for production deployments. Istio can help us the following ways: enable mTLS for authentication and encryption, authorize access based on service identity or any channel attribute, analyze service traffic and monitor.

3. G Suite for partners

The good news is Partners will get free G-Suite Licences. This platform is a new global technology partner landing place and acts as a new place to access program info. It is very easy once you create an account with Google Cloud Connect (GCC )account. G suite announcements included Data Localisation, Hangout chat smart reply, ML based grammatical correction tools and Smart compose.

Moreover, with the launch of Google Cloud SaaS Initiative ,they are aiming to achieve the following:

  • Mission: Help SaaS partners build, market and sell high-value business applications
  • Goal: Make Google Cloud the best place in world to run SaaS applications


4. Driving the Partner Program

With commitment being central to this program, the programs aims at the following :

  • 100% Partner attachment to the deals
  • 100% involvement to professional services engagement
  • 100% Partner inclusion in marketing efforts

Technical Benefits in partner program are as follows: Expanded Sandbox toolkit, Free access to Qwiklabs.

Furthermore, clients want to know if the partner are specialized, thus Partner Specialization comes into play which is basically like earning a PhDs in a topic.  On the same lines, they have also revealed new specialisation areas (a designation that recognizes partners with deep technical expertise and proven customer success in a particular area) such as:

  • Security
  • Location Based Services
  • Enterprise Collaboration
  • Education
  • Cloud Migration


5. Google Cloud IoT Solution

By solving the key issues in retail such as physical blind spots, cost structures, loyalty and logistics Google Cloud IoT solutions aim to solve many problems at a time of Digitization and Machine learning. Google has also announced solutions for Workflow optimization, Digitization, Tech stack, At trax (Image recognition) as supporting tools to their Cloud IoT solution.


6. Google Kubernetes

The other main component of the Google Cloud Services Platform will be the on-premises version of its Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) service, which provides a management layer for deploying containerized applications. According to Google, GKE On-Prem will soon be made available in alpha test mode, enabling developers to begin modernizing their existing applications without necessarily having to move them to the cloud, thus making it a seamless experience. “Google is the only cloud to deliver managed Kubernetes on-premises,” said Chen Goldberg, director of engineering for Kubernetes Engine and Kubernetes, Istio and Cloud Services Platform. “It looks and behaves exactly the same.” The platform also introduces new GKE Policy Management tools that allow things such as compliance to be controlled from a central location.


Last but not the least, Devoteam is proud to have received the Google Cloud EMEA Service Partner of the year award.

Read the press release here: