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New Elastic Release 7.11.1 takeaways

Just last week Elastic released their 7.11 version of their Elastic Stack followed this week by version 7.11.1. It seems that the first 7.11 version had a bug regarding AD integration which is resolved in the latest version.

For me, regardless the fix of the AD bug, three key elements were introduced in this 7.11 release:

  • The new alerting framework has become GA
  • New detailed Kibana auditing logging
  • APM Service Health

In version 7.7 Elastic introduced the new Alerting Framework and till recently it was still in beta. With this version, it becomes generally available, so it is good to use for your production environment. Also with this release new third-party connectors are introduced, one of them is the Microsoft Teams connector. Really interesting for all organizations that work a lot with Microsoft Teams nowadays.

New in this release is the Kibana auditing log. Did you ever wonder which dashboards are used by who and how much? This detail logging should provide you with the answers.

From the release notes

“The new Kibana audit logging records a wide array of events, including authentication and authorization, CRUD operations on Kibana saved objects (such as access, changes, and deletion of your dashboards, visualizations, maps etc.), HTTP requests, and more. From who a specific user is, the action(s) they take, and even the event context complete with a timestamp — this new audit logging capability gives you a complete picture of activity in Kibana.”

Sounds pretty awesome! And of course, a lot more is introduced in this new version. Go check it out and spin easily a 14-day trial cloud environment to see all the new features.

Any questions or would you like to receive more detailed information? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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