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Speed up digital transformation: embrace a modern integration platform like MuleSoft


The twentieth century has brought a technological revolution that has been changing the way we work, communicate, learn, and in general- how we live. New products and services are transforming business and social circles, changing customer demand, and bringing major changes in all industries.

Achieve an outstanding customer experience

Digital transformation offers businesses the benefits of a rapid go-to-market of new ideas, growth opportunities, and cost control. To achieve this, companies are committed to limiting the complexity and increasing the efficiency of IT solutions. They do this by, for example, focusing on adding value and getting rid of dependencies such as the technical infrastructure and management as a service.

Digital Transformation is a mindset that drives an enterprise through proactive designs and responsive & agile implementations to create an architecture that is tuned to constant innovation. It is a business enabler to achieve an outstanding customer experience. This will be done by harnessing the capabilities of a wide variety of technologies & data silos and exposing that information internally and externally to create & deliver capabilities, not projects.

The Future of Integration

The fast evolution of modern technologies brings the opportunity to completely reimagine the foundation of enterprise integration. Download the white paper to find out how.


MuleSoft: accelerating a business-outcome-driven approach

MuleSoft’s technology and organizational enablement accelerates the paradigm shift leading an enterprise to adopt a business-outcome-driven approach to integration. Architecture best practices, self-service, & reusability unlock an organization’s potential by driving its business processes and execution.

Center for Enablement

Evolving the ways of working and the concept of a Centre of Excellence ( CoE ) to a Center for Enablement ( C4E ) empowers the business and applications teams by building a foundation and framework that would enable a distributed, self-service, & multi-persona approach to integration in a more agile manner. Rather than the classic (and dreaded) policing role they previously had; they allow the organization to constantly evolve according to the business needs by increasing its agility and reducing the time to deploy new initiatives.

API-Led Connectivity

Embracing API-Led connectivity unleashes opportunities for Automation as it allows elegant means to expose systems in an abstract manner. As the system landscape evolves, the methods of exposure changes from tactically aligning to the system, to enabling phased legacy modernisation, and eventually domain aligned data and processes. Throughout this evolution, the target continues to be the control of access to the data and functionality of complex backend systems and applications.

MuleSoft Composer & Flow Designer

MuleSoft Composer for Salesforce & Flow Designer empowers citizen integrators & developers with minimal IT skills in a no-code development environment to assemble application, data & process integration tasks for their own use, leading to the democratization of innovation & data.

Looking to generate Integration-driven revenue?

With more than 70 certified MuleSoft consultants and our +25 years of integration experience in projects within every sector you can think of, combined with a strong partnership with MuleSoft, enable Devoteam to guide your organization through every Integration related challenge. Looking for help? Feel free to contact us and we’ll see how we can help each other.